Time Attack Leaderboard

Time Attack Leaderboard v1.3.0

I would like to suggest splitting the leaderboard into three different leaderboard.txt files, one for each speed setting. This would allow servers that run more than one speed setting (or use Kart VS Rating's auto speed setting) to have separate leaderboards for each speed.
!Not updated Time Attack Leaderboard with a new update entry:

1.3.0 - Cold Remedy & Double Vision

1.3.0 Brings major fixes and features.

You may have noticed the game freeze for a split second when a player joins a server, particularly on popular servers. Well this addon is largely to be blamed for it. All records are stored in a netvar and has to be sent to the players when they join the server. I believe it's due to the size of this data being sent that's the cause of these lag spikes.
In this update records can be packed into a .lua file and be sent over the addon downloader instead...

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Just a small note, players in a server can use the changelevel command to warp to maps that are loaded in but soc'd out of the server's map rotation (by having their mode changed from Race to Singleplayer).

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