Thoughts on Pizza Tower: Yours and Mine.

Vincent The Rabbear

Professional Eediot
Pizza Tower, who hasn't heard of it, and who hasn't loved it? A lot of people from Steam, maybe even from or SAGE 2019, possibly from the Discord or from the YouTube videos, if rarely, from the Patreon, or somewhere else around the world have heard about it. My experiences only go so far back as 2019, but I've looked at its history, and even played it too. This little game about an Italian superhuman beating up things in a tower to save his pizzeria, it feels like a simple plot, yet has some bold lore that has yet to get a clear perspective, especially with people who played it or not seeing what lore there is of Pizza Tower. Most people will like it, whether from music, or graphics, or gameplay, possibly mechanics and gimmicks, but more so, for how it uses all of its assets (aside from unused ones) and doesn't try to overuse them, aside for just one joke, or maybe a full-on gag. This game, to me, is great, and not just for how good the game is or how amazing the soundtrack is, not even for its graphics, but because it's funny; to think that since its early test build, to the demos, then mostly playtester stuff and other such things you could probably find online in the buff, to what it's shaped up to be, and what it's planning to shape up to this day.

Otherwise, do you have an opinion on this yourself? Tell me below and give me a whole paragraph about your experiences with Pizza Tower that I'll never have time on my desktop to read about lmao.

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