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Woah hey since Thokker is the hip and fresh thing these days I decided to make a level for it.

Except I don't play thokker and trying to get a playtesting server up and running is harder than trying to hunt down a caribou on Christmas season so I'm terrible at seeing what's wrong and what's right. So what's the next best thing to do? Upload this early-release for feedback of course!

Here's some Hyperdimension Neptunia inspired thing for you!


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Ooo, this map looks really neat. A little trippy, but pretty cool. I like it!


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I haven't given you feedback on this yet! I'm an idiot. Let's get around to looking, shall we?

Here's some visual suggestions I have for you in shittily scribbled mspaint format. As you can see, my thought is that the green looks nasty, there shouldn't be blue or cyan on the red team's floor (and that the colourscheme should split around the center barrier), and there's a small section you can get the player stuck in and that isn't fun.

I haven't looked at this in multiplayer, but it seems like it'd be reasonable to play and not too steep. My only other concern is those tiny walls with gaps in between around the center area - can you have the walls go continuously around so that you can't get caught on ow the edge?

Also, the center barrier is... weirdly doubling up, visually, and looking really awful as a result. AND clipping the walls around the center area. (but at least it's noclimb!) Can you or someone else who has time look into that?

That's about all I can think of. Good work!
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