"There Is A Problem Connecting To The Master Server"


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Okay, so I was hosting a normal server and out of nowhere the game shuts down entirely, no warning message , no anything. Of course I questioned what the hell happened, but there was no answer at the time. Anyway's as i started Srb2 up once more and tried to host online but then i got the "there was a problem connecting to the master server" message. I shrugged it off and thought my settings got scrambled but, everything seemed to be correct, and yes i checked and made sure i was using the correct server address. So frustrated i tried to join a game, still i got the same "There was a problem connecting to the master server" message. every time I would switch categories of rooms to select I'd always get that message. I cannot even preform the "listserv" command in the console. Is this a common error? If so how do i fix it?

Thing's iv'e tried (and they did not work..obviously lol):
- Re-installing Srb2.
- Unplugging My Modem/Router
- Blocking And Unblocking Srb2 in the window's programs that are allowed to use online connection.
There's a good chance The Master Server was offline. I suggest waiting till later to see if the master server is back up.
Isn't that by Default in the options? Anyways, I'm not sure what could be your problem, i mean, You're messaging on the forums. Actually if you have Windows, your firewall might've blocked it when you first tried to connect. Try going to your firewall settings and unblock "srb2win.exe"
First question: is this only an issue with connecting to the MS, or does it affect private netgames too? (Can you join a netgame by IP, or by using an external launcher with its own server listing utilites?)

Try running SRB2 without Skype or similar programs open. I've had issues with those programs interacting with SRB2 in the past before and causing crashes when trying to play online. Otherwise you can try restarting your OS (I used to have issues after rebooting from hibernation) or the network adapter.
This problem affect's IP joining and online games. I've tried rebooting my OS and everything. Nothing is working, last time that his happened I had to wait for another patch to be released so I could play online once more. Listserv isn't available to be used either, The only other version that somewhat allow me to play online is SRB2 Riders , and even then I cannot host properly without joining someone's serv for about an hour and then going to host my own.
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Isn't your firewall blocking SRB2? If yes try to disable it shortly and try to connect. If this is the problem, then go uncheck SRB2 in your firewall "block" option. I have this problem with SRB2 for every new .exe I have to install.
Everything you said happened to me, I don't know how to fix it but I knew how to play oline in srb2 ami it served me.
you need the srb2 launcher, then open it (first you need to put the launcher in the SRB2 folder) now go to settings or options.
below custom executable, below put this "-clientport 5000" and then click on launch. just go online and now (if it served you it was a pleasure: D)
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i am new to the website, so how do you know it's from 9 years ago
The date of each post is included at the top.

In any case, what error does the console print when you try to connect to the Master Server?
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this is what it comes up with
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this is what the console SAYS not PRINTS


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this is what it comes up with
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this is what the console SAYS not PRINTS
"Print" is another way of saying "write text." It's why writing is sometimes called "print" and why machines that write for us are called "printers."

In any case, go to Server Options menu and change the Master Server address to use http instead of https.

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