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Hey guys. One year ago, I first posted this level pack on the MB. So I decided to release a one year anivasary version. Now I know this is not the best level pack, but it is really fun. Sure it has some glitches and stuff, but the updates attempt to fix that. Thank you all for your help into making this level pack. It means a lot to me if you comment and tell me what you think.


So, here it is. Version 1.1. A lot of new things have been updated. Each level got a make over making it a open and fun to explore. Refurbished with each level design and so on.


Also, for those Srb2 CB uses, I added,

Each level has a skybox. This will now prepare this pack for 2.1, as well as make it look nice in Srb2CB. You can still use regulare Srb2 with it, so do not worry.


The levels included here are listen here.
Green Grass zone
Frost Tech zone
Heaven Mountain zone
Mind Maze Zone
Water Labrinth zone
Emerald Cove zone 1

Luffy Hills zone
Road to nowhere zone
Slider Stadium

Vegeta Castel
Slider Stadium

Sega's Plaza
White walls zone

If you want a more in-dept look into the changes, here you go.

Green Grass Zone 1
-Remake secret entrance
-Added and refurbished some sections
-finished ending
-added skybox

Green Grass zone 2
-made longer
-fix bugs
-give more of a visual lay out
-added skybox

Green Grass zone 3
-Added Skybox

Frost Tech zone 1
-Fixed start up
-Made more wide open spaces
-Gave a visual refurbismeant
-Made level longer
-Added Skybox

Frost Tech zone 3
-Made level darker
-Fixed a couple of bugs and glitches
-Added Skybox

Frost tech zone 3
-Made Darker

Heaven Mountain Zone 1
-Added Skybox

Heaven Mountain zone 2
-Refurbished details
-Made more wide open
-Fixed a bunch of bugs
-Added Skybox

Heaven Mountain zone 3
-Added Skybox

Mind maze zone 1
-Added clues
-added wide open spaces
-added a secret
-added skybox

Mindmaze zone 2
-Added detail

mindmaze zone 3

Water labrinth zone 1
-Added level

Toxic Labrinth zone 2
-Added level

Toxic labrinth zone 3
-Added level

Emerald Coast zone 1
-Fixed a couple of bugs

A note before you try this. Water Labrinth zone is incomplete. It does not feature all the things I would like it to. In the current state it is in, it is playable, but not very fun to play.

The Makes means a lot to me, and it would mean even more if you try it out. Comment please.

MediaFire Link. The Makes

4Sharerd Link: The Makes

Edit: A major bug was found. Looking into the codes, I saw a bunch of scripts that caused it. So now, here is a patch that fixes a crash in the WAD.

So I got feedback from people about me using 4sharerd. So I will put up a 4sharerd Mirror, as well as a mediafire mirror. I am also trying to split the file in two so it can be uploaded in here. Thanks for your support in my level pack.

I am still trying desperatly to split the file, but every time it ends up a mess. Don't worry though. Soon, I will have a perfect split seperating multiplayer levels with the single player levels. It will remain like that until I unvail my newest addition the The Makes. Won't tell you what it is though... :D

So... Things are going pretty well will the pack. No, I still have not uploaded the smaller mirror. WHICH is why I want to try EXTRA hard to make sure the links don't ever break, since that seems to be the major problem here. A lot of new things are in the next update, but I am no where near close. Water Labyrinth is getting a HUGE update which adds gimmicks and detail to the level. ALSO, Frost Tech Zone 1 got a refurbishment to make sure the first path is no longer hidden. ALSO, Heaven Mountain Zone 2's ending was judged harshly in being "Cheap" so I removed it and added a gimmick which fixes the problem. I also am planning on adding more multiplayer stages to the pack. So you can expect that. ALSO, I have a special surprise in the next update... Somthing SO secret, not one person knows of it. Not that you guys care anyway... BUT REALLY, it makes the level pack WAY better. So until then, see ya.

I extremely doubt ANYONE is going to read this... But I'm doing it for my own sake. Yes, this pack is still being made. It actually looks like a "real" level pack now. I know right... Hard to believe. Anyway, I'm almost done with Water Labrinth Zone. Once that happens, a 2.1 update WILL happen.

Yes, progress on this is still happening. The pack got a visual polish. Zones have been taken out, added in. A bunch of crazy stuff. Trust me, your going to like it.

Everything is complete execpt Water Labrinth zone. Im trying crazy to finish the final path. I was going to release the new version this month but eh... Ill wait a bit.


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My rating:5/10
It's ok, but the level's are a bit cramped and the layout's are sort of weird.
I'll finish this review later.
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Well, a heavan mountaine zone 1 is being redone, however the revision will not be in next release, Mind maze is really souposed (Fix spelling later.) to be cramped, Green Grass is fixed already and will be fixed in next release, besides that, I dont really know what you mean by weird.
By weird, i mean they have lots of corridors.
Oh and also, I think you should use the cfall textures instead of gfall for the waterfalls.


Thank you. The long corridors are being fixed and some of the fixes will be included in next version. I honestly don't see the diffrence in water fall textures. Mind Maze is should have long corridors for that level, (in case you have not noticed,) tests your mind if you can overcome my mind obstacles, the the long corridors go with that. I already started Heavan mountain revision so yeah.
The gfall texture is supposed to be for the tops of waterfalls, and cfall for the bottoms or middles, but cfall can be used on the top too, the problem is your using gfall on all parts of the waterfalls and it looks weird.


Haunted by a couple big mistakes
What in the world do you mean by "real" multiplayer? This is a Single Player levelpack. Coop means you need more people to finish one level.


Maybe, he is also new at SRB2, Steel. "New guy", there isn't such thing as real multiplayer stage.


In the next release there wil be one ctf map, mabye a match one, right now I am more foucoused on coop, Paradise Speed can be played as match, and nin the future, ctf. There will be race as soon as I learn to use starposts.


From my understanding of SRB2DB I believe Race checkpoints are just the phyisical starpost on top of a 4096 sector effect.
What in the world do you mean by "real" multiplayer? This is a Single Player levelpack. Coop means you need more people to finish one level.
I mean something like a ctf or match statge, since coop is multiplayer "kind of." Because contrary to what you just said,(wherever you got that from) coop does not require more than one player to finish. That's why single player maps like GFZ are labeled as coop(sometimes race). If it's a single player levelpack(which is doesn't say so wouldn't know that) why is there a multiplayer symbol in the description?


Haunted by a couple big mistakes
Because it got Match/CTF stages in it. You may be right on the coop thing, but Coop still stands for Cooperation, so I keep my point.


Haunted by a couple big mistakes
Sure it isn't. I guess I'll keep my point and slowly draw away without harm and laugh in my hole..
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