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Tempest97 (Krimps)

blue man use leg go fast
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Tempest the Axolotl - Tempest, a creature of the sea, arrives to help defeat Eggman!


Tempest the Axolotl joins SRB2!
Coming from a body of water somewhere, Tempest brings a powerful set of moves to navigate difficult areas at a good pace. He cannot spinjump, use shield abilities or get consistent bursts of speed, but makes up for it in sheer versatility!

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Tempest97 (Krimps)

blue man use leg go fast

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Incredible mod I should put the super tempest for the next version of the mod I have some gifs that I took from the super tempest


After playing as this character for quite a while, I've actually found him quite fun!
I do have a few points of contention though, which I'll talk about in the spoiler.
This may not be really that important, but I'm someone who likes playing characters fast-- go to time attack with some way of custom savedata and stuff--, and I found trouble doing that as Tempest. The Airstep, while useful, does kinda slow you down for a bit even while charged, and even with the charge, the amount of distance I can cover feels slightly limiting.
Of course, I know that's what the conduit is for... But at the same time, it almost feels... Useless? For the kind of context I like best, to be fair. Going too fast prevents the conduit to be used ahead of you, regardless if thrown forward or downward, since it ends up behind you by the time it's usable. Another thing I noticed-- which to be honest may be because other mods have been on-- is that sometimes the conduit... Doesn't seem to work as well as it should? Sometimes when using it by pressing spin, I'll barely get height worth a thing, regardless of how I try to circumvent it (such as trying it at a lower or higher height, hold the Spin button for longer or etc.), but sometimes it works well. Once again, it may be because I have other mods on, so take that part with a grain of salt.
In general, when trying to go fast as I would with every other character, I really only rely on his jump height and just taping for a weak airstep. I personally have trouble getting used to the Wallstep, so I don't use that either (this point may be on me because of that I guess). Compared to the other vanilla or mod characters, feels pretty limiting unless I'm taking my time.
I still like playing as this character! Though part of me wishes I could make better use of his abilities at high speed.


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Btw question

What's that 2D mode Techo Hill map in Tempest's gigs out of curiosity


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I've seen your work in the SRB2 discord (StarComet incase you forgot), and to say this quickly.... I'm quite impressed! Frankly you've kinda inspired me to continue working on my Pencil character! I sure hope that I can become as talented (or as good) as you are right now! Your character is cool too and has a lot of personality! :wonderful:

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