Tails The Engineer

Tails The Engineer v2 - Complete Overhaul

BuggieTheBug updated Tails... The Engineer? with a new update entry:

v2 - Complete Overhaul

Tails The Engineer is back! And with a bit newer moveset too!

Double jump to do a quick dodge roll in the direction you are moving.
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But be careful! One wrong input and you are already dead.

Press or hold spin to use your wrench to hit enemies!
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Don't be to close to them or you will be hit.

Press Custom 1 to open your Building menu.
Use the Weapon...

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it seems that scrolling through buildings doesnt work for me im using a controller and i use the weapon buttons but it just instantly goes to the other side i cant choose the middle option for whatever reason.
you can view it in slade you know
its easy and its in player.dat of the mod
just download slade and use it to view the name of the character that buggie chose for the mod its really easy tho
by opening it or something?
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his name for things like buddyex and duos is "engitails" btw
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