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[SUGOI 2] Sonic Uncovers Banning And Realizes Anime Spoilers Hurt Intricate Ideas

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I still think KAWAII (Kreate A Wacky And Interesting Implementation) is a good abbreviation.

I will make an attempt to make another short map with an original tune. Looking forward to seeing everyone's kreations.


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oh boi, here we go

I'm super stoked to see another collab event like this, definitely gonna try something new this time. :)

EDIT: a blackout fucking killed my computer rip

EDIT 2: It's all good, I'm back now.
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Sorry, I didn't bother to include the most important sprite! I'll bug Roach or Vada to make one later, don't worry.
I'm thinking about making a map for SUGOI 2 since I decided not to participate in the first one. It will be crazy and unique, however, if I do decide to participate in it.


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Wait, shit, we're already doing this again? Ummm shit okay. I only expect to have one or two days off work in the next month, but I've made a habit of painting textures during my lunch breaks and downtime, so maybe I can wing it: When you guys figure out a theme for your levels, PM me some info and I'll try to create graphics for them. I'll aim to create at least one texture, one flat and one sprite. Maybe more if I'm inspired. In true SUGOI fashion, I'll be shooting for < 20 minutes per asset, so if it sucks, we're just gonna run with it. I'll try to stream myself painting whenever I can- definitely this upcoming Saturday and (hopefully) every Wednesday, and any other weeknights I can squeeze in (7-12PM EST).

Get it to me ASAP, like, as soon as you read this. Priority goes to the cooler stages, so the more original or interesting your trope, the more likely I am to attempt it (or spend time on it). Description can have as much or as little detail as you want, you can even just give me a zone title. No tacky joke zones unless there's still some way for me to make it look cool. I do work several jobs, and my schedule is sporadic because my coworkers are totally inconsiderate and I wind up having to work overtime to cover for them, so no guarantees that I'll get much done!
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Um, Chicmunk? We're not supposed to start yet..
Why not? For some people this is how we work..

Chicmunk, you're off to an ok start. The skybox you're using is meant for a more indoor area, but I have no idea if the area is indoors or not.

Your badnik selection is mixed and mostly doesn't give off the feeling that they belong there, with the exception of the fish bots.

You also have untextured walls where there should be some clear walls. I expect this will be addressed as construction continues.

I suspect just about everyone may try to claim the Icecap BGM, but you beat everyone to the use of this version. I must say this though, if everyone uses Icecap Genesis, we're going to have some "Hard Times"


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My hands are full still, but I'll be watching from the sidelines as usual

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with


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Hey look, it's this thing again! I totally missed the last one, so I think I should try to participate for once.
It'll probably be a terrible failure, but I'll try making an Emerald Stage with some old lua scripts I never figured out an use for. Ideally, I'd like to make one for the blue emerald.


Well, im still a newbie at Zone builder but im still getting the hang of it, Il be making a map for SUGOI like TehRealSalt said :

! If you're a newcomer, then this can be your chance to get over that initial hump of learning Zone Builder. If you're a rookie, this can be your chance to hone your skill.

So Count me In!


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I'll just have a little preview of my map here.


Don't expect a big map, but don't expect a very compact map. This is just an emerald hunt which also is Match/Tag.

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Well, I guess I'll throw my hat into the ring again as well.
I'll be sure to keep the thread updated on my progress.
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