[SUGOI 2] Oh My God! It's Joseph Joestar In SUBARASHII: X-Mas Mode In July

Larz T

If anyone is having trouble with saving emerald tokens, I found out that there are some console commands that I guess Salt forgot to mention in the original post.

sugoi_save and sugoi_load saves your emerald token progress as well as other things that I forgot to mention. This only works when using SRB2PlusC.

sugoi_nolives basically removes the use of lives.

sugoi_clearallprogress clears your multiplayer progress.

That's all I know so far with the console commands.
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It's finally here let's fucking goooo

Boy am I gonna have lots of fun with this one. Can't wait to see all the maps!

Larz T

Found a bug where if you...

Sugoi_Save with an emerald and load up the save file with Sugoi Load, it gives you all the emeralds.
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Welp, turns out I messed up the lua for Shade Mountain and that made the message telling the player to press jump not display. Apologies to anyone whose day was ruined!! I've attached a fixed version of the script.

Also, Tropical Island seems to spawn its emerald on Tailsbot if he is present, which means the player can be booted out of the level without their reward if they don't manually go and grab it.


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So I've played this like 4 or 5 times on netgames and once alone in singleplayer already...
I will say that most levels are really fun and unique e̶s̶p̶e̶c̶i̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶3̶D̶ ̶F̶l̶i̶c̶k̶i̶e̶s̶ ̶I̶s̶l̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶n̶o̶d̶
and I was heavily surprised and amazed by the true final battle. However I did encounter a weird bug that caused my game to crash every time the secret ending loaded up. is there any reason and/or solution to this? I would love to know!
Other than that, I take my hat off to everyone involved!
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@Capper: Could you please provide a crash log?

Just a reminder to everyone: please provide all bug reports in this thread. Yes, I know, Discord's the hip thing to use, but I'm not in or paying attention to most Discord servers out there, and even if I do see it I'll likely forget later. This is a v1.0 release, so there will be a couple wacky bugs that I didn't find in testing!


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Just got round to finishing the whole thing (aside from getting all the emblems), and I must say, it was a fucking blast to play through, bravo to everybody who helped contribute to this.


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Amazing effort! Really, if a sugoi 3 will ever happen, then at this rate this series will be like Doom Community Chest.
You wanted so bad to open this spoiler to see some entertaining bugs at the end of this level :^)

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Except with better communication and your level doesn't get dropped because of inactivity in the project topic and lack of communication.

I tried to submit a level to the community chest once.


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I just finished playing the main campaign and I must say you guys did a wonderful job! So many levels, a lot of variety, and an amazing hub world to connect all of them. I hope I can submit something to SUGOI 3 if it ever happens! :)

Larz T

I'm sorry I haven't said anything about SUGOI 2 yet. I'm actually still playing it! I did however find another bug.

If you purchase something in the shop and use sugoi_load, you'll be refunded your token but you'll still have your shield or whatever you bought upon load.


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My Internet is too slow to download this, much less experience it online with you guys :'(

And hey! I don't see my level in the credits post! Is it in the pack? :0


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It is in the pack, I guess Salt forgot to add it to the credits list.


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I love this. The writing, the little nods to other things, the fact that Shadow says different things depending on who you play as, different types of Shadow, the title screen, the fact that HMS123311 is referenced in the intro, the BR-EN translator joke... I guess you could say it's... 素晴らしい?


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@Larztard: Purely an issue because I didn't save your currently held shop item, which I debated if I should've done or not. Guess I should now! Though it might break some IO saves(?)

@Ice: The credits in the opening post work under SUGOI 1's credits rules; i.e: if it didn't have any custom resources I didn't list it. I should probably change that. However, you are definitely in the in-game credits.
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I've been waiting.

Day after day, waiting for SUBARASHII to release.

And now that it's out... Nothing explains my reaction more than the freakin' menu. "OH MY GOD IT'S joseph joestar IN SUBARASHII"

This is perfect, I'm gonna spend hours and days replaying this over and over until I get all those damn emeralds. Speaking of which, thanks for not hiding them around and having to find them, I like having to play a cool minigame to get them.

Though really...
The minesweeper is the death of me, as well as that Super Sonic shoot 'em up. I find myself having less than 25% hp when the boss comes up. Any tips?

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