(sorry for making another post so soon) Another thing I just thought of; maybe have supercolors be selectable in multiplayer in addition to normal colors? As in, being able to select what color your super form is, not using supercolors as normal colors.


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I bet this suggestion is already posted or confirmed. There should be something called Local Earthquake. When a player or a thing Attack or do something like big explosion, Local Earthquake make nearby players sense its earthquake, if they move away from the player/thing, it reduces their sensing to the earthquake. So let's say, 2*Fracunit of Local Earthquake can be a small range of other sensers, 8*Fracunit can be a medium range and 16*Fracunit can be a high range. If sensers are inside the range then they can sense it depending on their distance. So that can be equipped for the Big Floating Mine at DSZ
Have Super Knuckles' nuke when landing after stopping a glide be dependent on velocity, with at least a minimum speed needed before the nuke occurs at all.

It feels odd to short-hop, glide, stop, land, and then have a devastating nuke occur to nearby enemies, despite how little hop might have been.
(It feels good and impactful when doing the same off the edge of a cliff, though.)

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A few ideas for what to replace thok with in Sonic's moveset:

1. Parkour: This one would probably be a pain to script and would require the most new sprites, but I think the end result would probably be worthwhile. The general idea is inspired heavily by Sonic Lost World. Sonic can grip against walls while maintaining his forward momentum by holding jump, losing nearly no height at first but losing height faster the longer he holds on. Letting go of jump launches him off. He can then proceed to grip another wall if one is nearby enough. He can also grab onto ledges that are just barely too high to jump up to and vault himself up.

2. SA2 style bounce: Can be used to gain a little bit of extra height over what's possible with a normal jump, and can launch pretty far by bouncing off a badnik. Retains forward momentum, so however fast Sonic is moving, he will keep moving forward that fast while bouncing.

3. Wall peelout: Sonic can grab onto a wall and charge up a peelout to run up it. If he doesn't have enough speed to make it to the top, he will simply fall back down.

4. Slow fall: Sonic uncurls mid-jump to ride the wind, causing him to be vulnerable to enemies but allowing him to gain extra horizontal distance in his jump. While in this state spin will cancel, holding down jump will fast fall. Basically, it's the same thing as in Unleashed, Colors, Generations, etc.

5. Jetpack thok: Sonic pulls out a Jetpack Tails made for him and uses it to get a quick boost. Works similar to thok, except it can be used twice midair, once forward and then once backward, allowing him to correct himself. Although he's not curled up into a ball, he still damages most enemies.
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I've love to see more community maps included with the base game of SRB2.

N++ and Distance are two of my favorite games. Both are intense platformers with tight controls and momentum-based gameplay. However, both of these games also have an absurd amount of content. N++ comes with a level editor, but the official content is so numerous that you really never need to touch any of it. Distance has great workshop integration to easily acquire, digest, and sort the large number of community stages. I'd love to see SRB2 add more community stages into the fold, so that SRB2 can approach a similar level of content bulk.

Haunted Heights, Frozen Hillside, and Pipe Towers [edit: also Botanic Serenity] are all existing examples of community content packaged into the base game. This is great, and I'd love to see more of it.
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Add more buttons to the layout editor on mobile.

I discovered by going into the layout*.cfg and changing the button from eg. talkkey to console, the console appears upon pressing the location of the button. It is invisible due to console not having a set of button graphics.

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After giving it some thought, I came up with a potential revamp for Metal's moveset:

- Hover is moved to spin. It replaces non-passive shield abilities entirely, so he always has access to it at the cost of never having shield mobility.

- Hover is given a meter. It instantly recharges when you touch ground, but you only have a combined 10 seconds of hover time per jump. You can still use it multiple times per jump, but it costs a bit extra every time after the first, so trying to spam this to get around the meter cost will actually cost more than just using the meter normally. The meter is infinite while Super.

- Hover no longer enters slow fall when moving too slow, however coming to a dead stop will drop you.

- Thok becomes his primary air ability. You cannot both thok and hover in the same jump unless Super.

- Metal cannot spindash, but instead has the peelout. He can get under tight spaces while in boost mode. Just like before with the spindash, fully charging the peelout will activate boost mode.

- Metal can stand/run on lava without taking a hit, but will have his rings drained at a speed of 5 per second unless Super or in boost mode. If he has no rings, he dies like any other character. He also has a sparking visual effect while his rings are being drained.

- Metal can breath underwater infinitely, but still undergoes the countdown. At the end of the countdown, Metal will lose all his rings and will be unable to pick up more until he leaves the water or touches a bubble, leaving him vulnerable to attack. He still gets the sparking effect when the countdown begins, and remains sparking until he leaves the water or touches a bubble.

- Metal can breath in a vacuum infinitely, but is unable to thok or hover and experiences a ring drain of 2 per second. If he is Super, this is ignored.

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Perhaps there could be a sewer themed level in the secret levels section that makes use of "vacuums" from time to time to represent Sonic and friends being unable to breath due to the stench? Could also make use of the green slime from Techno Legacy that hurts you.
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Making the Insta-Shield and the Drop Dash one single move would be a good idea for an ability.

Hold the spin button in the air to rev up a Drop Dash, land to launch it. If you release it before landing, it cancels out by breaking into the Insta-Shield; almost as if Sonic's exerting the force he's built up. This would not only make both moves feasible in a visually coherent way, but changing the IS's function from via-press to via-release would make using the move much more beginner friendly, as it gives you time to decide the exact moment you'd want to use it instead of potentially shooting it too soon.

Sonic Islands executes this the exact same way, but I haven't seen anyone who played it acknowledge how it works. It's really intuitive, and honestly after extended play it just feels right to the touch. Maybe a move like this is what Sonic needs?


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i think all of the shield abilities should be available in the ability2 bracket of the s_skin lump. the closest thing we have to that so far is the C_DOUBLEJUMP and C_HOMINGTHOK, but i think we should have the elemental shield's stomp and the bubble shield's bounce as well.


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I have a couple of suggestions for expansions of the simple mode camera.

If some, or all, of these suggestions are already in the game, please keep in mind that I played through the entire game not knowing that simple mode even existed and I was gonna suggest the entirety of it as a "dynamic camera".

1. The camera should lock onto bosses. The final boss is a pain to fight because half the time you don't know where he even is.
(Note: Metal and Fang should be left alone. Not knowing where they are is half the fun.)

2. When using Tails's flight, the camera should automatically pan towards the ground, like in Sonic Jam. It's a bit difficult to see where you're landing when you're cheesing through the levels.

3. When Knuckles glides, the camera should pan down at a 45 degree angle. This is for the same reason as Tails's camera, though you should still be able to see the wall ahead.

4. Shadows. Not Shadow as in the hedgehog, shadows as in that dark spot beside you. When Metal is hovering, it can be difficult to see how high up he is.


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We have drop shadows already, but the camera might not be appropriately angled for using it as a reference at certain heights


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2. When using Tails's flight, the camera should automatically pan towards the ground, like in Sonic Jam. It's a bit difficult to see where you're landing when you're cheesing through the levels.

3. When Knuckles glides, the camera should pan down at a 45 degree angle. This is for the same reason as Tails's camera, though you should still be able to see the wall ahead.
You can turn on third-person mouselook in the camera settings and pan the camera down yourself.


IMO, I think third-person mouselook should be on by default. I didn't even realize that was an option until I had already beaten the game multiple times. Once I had it turned on, the game became so much easier.

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