This is different, but....
The ability to move the typing cursor left and right in the console. I don't know how many times I've messed up adding in a wad, only to have to retype the whole thing.


It's Mr. Computer!
Something like that would also be handy for doing MAP MAPxx -FORCE commands repeatedly for a range of levels.


Stuff to put in 1.1 (Part 2)

Okay, here is the NEW "Stuff to put in 1.1" thread. Again. Created new topic to deal with the corruption of the original topic due to overuse of deletions. You can find the original topic here:

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- Don't ask for loops
- Don't ask for corkscrews
- Don't ask for 3d Models/Support
- Don't ask for a finished Knuckles, it'll happen eventually.
- Don't ask for level end signs and 1up boxes for skins. This is going to happen.
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Stuff already suggested:

A playable Eggman.
Springs that can be picked up.
Make scripts case-insensitive.
Make a CSAY/CSAYTO command for the server that CECHOs to all of the clients.
Editable whirlwind shield height.
Passive wait command for scripts.
Sonic 3-style save games.
Emerald Time Attack option once all 7 emeralds are obtained.
Make the BAN command put all of the bans on a list (text file?) so that bans last longer than just one game.
Ability to BAN via IP address.
UNBAN command to unban just one person rather than everyone.
Ability to assign point values to an enemy in a SOC.
Underwater-dwelling Buzz-like movement code.
Joystick deadzone option.
Ability for music to play seamlessly between levels if the music is the same, like in Knuckles Chaotix.
Ability to set THINGs for Sonic/Tails/Knuckles, like the skill level bits.
Bosses that don't activate until you're close to them (sight distance threshold).
Ability for enemies to have generalized multiple HP.
Allow jumping, spinning, and spindashing to have different sprites.
Ability to have rolling demos for the title screen.
Icicles. Upside down spike with a blue tinge that falls when you get close to it and then shatters or sticks to the ground.
Breakable blocks in Mario mode.
Ability to make other objects act like rings.
Green flickies and have them change color to the player who freed them.
Option for non-music-changing Sonic CD-style drowning.
Option to play an SFX instead of music for 1-Ups.
Console command to re-register with the master server.
Personal profile for netgaming that will show your ties, wins, losses, most # of people you played with in a netgame, best win(by how many points), worst loss, etc.
Spectators for all game modes.
When you save a game with wads, it should automatically load the wads the next time you load that savegame.
Buttons that pop back up when you step off of them.
Linedef executor triggers that work only for specific emeralds.
The option to have Tails follow Sonic around in single player.
Animated Skies.
Upside-down gravity.
"Raise/Lower floor/ceiling by line" linedef executors that gradually accelerate to their specified speed.
It would be nice if slime balls floated on top of water/lava/etc.
Separate sprite frames for Super forms.
A linedef executor that checks how much time has passed in the level.
A separate animation for thokking.
Ability to paste an IP Address from the clipboard, or paste into the console.
A "dir" command for the console.
A chasecam toggle button.
Option to set translucency of the console.


Why did they remove Grey
Ring GIVING sectors. The opposite of Ring Draining sectors is that, as long as you are in it, you will continue to gain rings until you step out, or until you reach a specified amount or time if put as a linedef action.


Also make it possible to change in-game keyset (English) with OS keyset (OK, this option is useless for people who are living in USA, Australia and Great Britain, because in-game keyset and OS keyset are the same). That's more easy than make keyset-files yourself.

I hate it to imagine an English keyset on my German keyboard. I don't even have a picture of an English keyset to watch on it, when I'm writing during the game.

Then use LNG-files for simple translation of in-game text (or even text in wads). I can also wait for it until version 1.09.8 is released.


I said this in the last topic but the post was deleted so....

In CTF the host should be alowed to lock teams

In CTF players should be able to see other players by some kind of green arrow.

Flag holders should have a little picture of the flag in the hud and also instead of having a message above the flag holders head you should have the flag sprite sticking above them makin it more clear.

A console command to change to spectactor mode would be nice.

A default key for teamsay due to the fact I see alot of people typing:
<Flag-Man> *TEAM* The reds wont find me in the water!

How about an option to set a server message.cecho in server options menue

A powerup that freezes all nearby players for a short period of time?

Ring colours for team match

The abillity to get a users ip and their last nick used on the server (To prevent users from impersenating)

Voice option when mute is in use

Server Admins should have their name highlighted in non CTF modes

Quoting from above maybe in non CTF maybe depending on your colour of your skin will change its writing


Trigger Linedef Executor (Single Player Only, Once)
Activates if the game is in Single Player mode (NOT Coop).

Note: uttermost urgency (read: contest) =P


Sonic Team Junior
Now that I think about it, why don't we have this yet? A menu in-game for adding wads for people that don't know how to/don't want to use the console.
It could also show all the wads currently added and have a "Remove wad" function. :)


NOJINGLES in the level header? If set to 1, then invincibility, speed shoes, drowning, and 1-up won't play, thus not interrupting the music.


It would be helpful if console commands passed using + on the command line were executed after autoexec.cfg, to allow a one-time overriding of a particular setting. Alternatively, or additionally, a switch to disable execution of autoexec.cfg could be useful.


Neutral zone sector type for CTF/Team match.
And, to keep this from being abusive, it would automatically restore a flag to whichever team base it belongs if someone carrying it runs into it. And thrown rings would dissappear on contact with the sector.


May sound a bit lazy, but why not have the ability to add something into the game besides wads? Like ADDFILE O_MAP01M.mp3 into the game? You know for one-time use?

Also, I'd like the ability to fine-tune control over pallette swaps in skins for S_SKIN data, like:

#Color number default = Color to be swapped to
202 = 226
204 = 228
206 = 230

And so on, for any alternate color the skin might use. And, of course, crashes if one color extends outside the range for said alternate color.

And, I'd like to see a second color change for the fireflower in Mario mode. Say, if someone made a Mario character and wanted to make it look like it would in an actual mario game or something.



Multiple characters in wads. Honestly, isn't it a bit restrictive to have only one in a wad?


The bonus almost feels like the original genesis bonuses but there are a few little things missing.
1.when the level ends like the originals it should do a white fade out with the warpiing to bonus sound effect and then fade in again

2. the emerald just appearing infront of you just feels a bit rushed and incompleted, it should float down in front of you like in sonic cd and then make the recieved emerald sound.

3. when the bonus is over it should do the weird fade out spinning multicolour effect with the warping back to the normal level sound effect like the old sonic games.


A sector type that periodically springs the floor height up 64 or so units, and launches any players upwards. Plus, FOFs of that type, with one that just springs the ceiling height up, and one that springs both floor and ceiling up. It'd make a good substitute for springs. Especially in a techno-style zone. (I'm thinking of that techno-type zone in Sonic 2)

Also, a 'jumpy' FOF that jumps from it's height periodically, and falls back down to it's original height, in the kind of style which Sonic and his pals do when they stand on one of those steam burst things (Can't remember what they're called. They're in the 'Springs' section.) It'd make a good elaborate 'jump from platform to platform' section.

I don't remember if we have one, but a floating FOF that sinks while the player is standing on it, and rises back up when the player steps off or jumps. Similar to those small ice platforms that float in the water in S3&K's ice zone.

A 'rubber band' type FOF. Think of those small puffy clouds in Sky Sanctuary zone in S3&K. (Actually, it'd also be neat if you could make an object of that.)

Can't remember if it was suggested at some point, but Carnival Night zone style balloons that spring the player upwards. Also respawns if any and all players are far away from it.

Yes, I recently played Sonic Mega Collection. Why do you ask?


Linedef execs that increase and decrease player's scores.

A Mario end-zone flag that adds to the player's score depending on how high from the ground the player is when he goes under/touches it. Flag height will of course be set by bitset, and the flag will move to the ground when the player touches it.

There's not much point to SRB2's score system as of now. How about some "Get this many points on normal mode" unlockables? Or perhaps a 'Score Attack' mode?

Seperate 'Time Attack' records for the characters. Same for 'Score Attack' if you implement it.


Sonic CD's shrinking beam. Seriously, if you can use HIGHRES to shrink the sprites in a wad, why not enable that in-game?


How about a gametype that will let you play just the special stages like in Jazz Jackrabbit?

Is there a "no ability" option for characters, or for a specific level?


Have a time attack style mode, only have it point rather than time based.

't'would make me grin:)

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