Stuff to put in SRB2ME (Part 3: The Last Crusade)

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I think we need a global flag for linedef specials, so that you wouldn't need so many tags for something that you want to effect the entire level.

Also an exclusive global flag, which would mean you want everything BUT a certain tag.


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I think I may have discovered away to make a polyobject cross a linedef.

Okay, say you had a polyobject, and you wanted it to cross a linedef, it would cause a SIGSEV because it would still be it's own sector, but the vertices would have stitched to the lindef, causing it to be on the other side of the linedef you just had it cross, but it would still have the properties of the previous sector, blah blah blah. The point is, it SIGSEVs, so why not make a polyobject that was split into two, with the dividing line parallel to the one being crossed, the two polyobject sectors would originally share properties, until the verticies would (normally) stitch and would split the linedef and cause a SIGSEV. Instead, it should stitch with the dividing linedef and change the properties of the portion of the polyobject on the crossed side of the linedef to match what's below it. once the dividing linedef reaches the edge of the polyobject, it should turn the uncrossed side into a nonexistant sector with some zero length linedefs.

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Let the player look around (or at least look up) when climbing a wall in first person. Right now it's almost impossible to see what you're doing.


If the map is in 2d mode, make ctf flags fall on the x coordinates when a person with the flag gets hit. Just like how the rings fall in 2d mode.

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Make logs save, e.g. log0001 log0002 etc. This will make it so you can go back through logs if you want to and look for stuff to report.
Something like a SERVERNAME command that tells you the name of the server you are in. Also useful for reporting.


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Allow for ways to obtain continues other than selecting a difficulty.

Additionally, make a savelevel variable for the level header, which identifies which level the player starts on upon loading a save.


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Make Zoom Tubes that attach to the ground (maybe) and use running sprites instead of spinning frames. It would be good for starting running areas like in Sonic Heroes and Sonc Adventure 2.


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Maybe, like in SRB2Riders, have four frames for flying up and two frames for being tired flying instead of the other way round, it could be possible by using socs easy but just in case we want cool looking Tails flight and possible Cream flight.
If you're confused, it's for the Fly/Swim ability.


-Tutti-fruti removal on large(single patch 256+) texture sizes that are formated correctly, for software.

-Better support for rendering many sectors at the same time in one large sector without flat images rendering in the air or cutting out sprites even when the map is designed correctly.

-Hardware rendering fade-to-blacks and screen wipes.

-Raw png texture/patch support.


Different intelligence levels for enemies, rather than just having MF_BOSS either on or off:
0: Current enemy AI, containing no teamwork between enemies. D=

1: Can learn where the target is by looking at other enemies, no matter what their level is.

2: Does not learn where the target is by looking at behavior of other enemies, but can "tell" level 0 enemies where the target is.

3: Can learn where the target is by looking at the behavior of other enemies, and can also tell level 0 enemies where the target is.

4: Everything a level 3 can do, but mixed in with current boss intelligence, i.e., being able to choose your own target, etc.
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