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StopSpam(works for SRB2 & SRB2K) v1.0.2


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StopSpam - automatically bans people for spamming in chat

This addon will automatically ban people from your server for spamming in chat. Offenders will have to spam fairly hard to trip the automatic ban. The server's Administrator & Moderators are exempt from the automatic bans.

This addon was made with a large amount of help from Amperbee, and then polished by Spectrum, who I thank both of for their parts in making this addon. I made the foundation for this addon and came up with the idea for it.

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This needs to be on next version for SRB2 the moth problem is getting out of control and spamming n and f words on pm players and keeps doing it on me it's getting annoyed. the anti-span feature has yet to be added on SRB2 official version.

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