[Open Assets] Steve v2.04

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Wumbo updated Steve with a new update entry:

Version 2.0

Thanks to @Zeb for providing me the detailed feedback I needed to make this update possible.

(Note: I changed a lot of stuff behind-the-scenes and did virtually all testing by myself, so please let me know of any regressions ASAP)

  • Added hotbar persistence in saved games
  • Added health regeneration upon touching a star post
  • Added sign post sprite, extra life icon, and continue icon
  • Added attraction animation upon picking up an item...

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Would it be possible to get some kind of sprite for steve's hand when you're playing in first person mode? The lack of a fist to provide feedback when punching things is a bit cumbersome. Otherwise first impressions are very strong so far
Ummm... is it normal i still cannot jump off from Monitors??, Also there should be a fuction to use Monitors as Food or Potions
Double-check that you're using v2.03 instead of v2.02.

Also, I'm not planning on adding any new features for a very long time. This mod was completed in a little over a month and I need to take a break. (It is fully reusable though, so if you want to make your own deluxe edition of Steve, then you are free to do so.)
Thats Mod is awesome! the most faithful steve, playing now and is very fun.
if i could suggest one thing should be the first person interface and items in the hand.
looking for the future, maybe use the enemies defeated to collect item and build weapons without need recipe.
Is there any reward for getting all 7 emeralds?

Super Steve being creative mode would be cool, though I imagine it'd be a bit of a pain to code
unless i'm just missing something, will there ever be a way to use things such as monitors?
such as right-clicking with an empty hand?
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