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SRB2Randomizer is a mod inspired by the randomizer craze lately, that randomizes as much as possible while still maintaining the playability of the game. It randomizes things ranging from characters used per level, level order, enemy types, monitor contents, token locations, music, and even ring layouts! It also features tons of options & automatically supports any added custom characters, levels, monitors, and enemies!

You can do a run on your own to put your map knowledge to the test, run it in a netgame to spice it up, or do a speedrun race against one of your friends! This is the perfect way to replay 2.1 for one last time before 2.2.

  • Heavily revamped ring spawning. Rings now are much less likely to spawn in weird places, and can now spawn on top of FOFs. This makes the initial level load time much longer, but every sequential reload from dying will be faster than before.
  • Added an extra ring pattern type.
  • Fixed netplay desync related to modifying object spawnpoints.
  • Initial release.

Manual for more detail on the console commands and variables:

Video of an example run, since screenshots don't really do it justice:


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SRB2Randomizer has been updated to v1.1. This fixes a bad desync for mid-game joiners, as well as improves ring layout randomization.

When rings are collected in First-Person game modes, the rings respawn in their original locations. I feel this is a limitation.

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