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SRB2Neo WIP shits...


So uhh, I'm just gonna make this WIP thread to let people know I'm making this ahead of time.
SRB2 Neo is a map pack, presented in a similar fashion to the main SRB2 campaign, and Mystic Realm.
The zones are basically remixes of vanilla SRB2's levels, but not exactly fully based off of them. They have their own unique spins to differentiate them.
Also my OCs are in it, which I'll explain once I make more progress.
Anyway, uh, here are the only 2 maps I've started for this so far. (Both in the second zone, Sky Factory Zone.)



(the gifs were too big to directly insert, sorry)
(Also, criticism is appreciated. I may not take some things said into account, but we'll see.)
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