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Since I like playing around with socs very much I thought of things that might improve the customization capabilities of the game. I messed around with the sourcecode for a while and created some new soc actions. The ones that turned out well I am now willing to release.

Here a little page that covers documentation: http://machjetztendlich.uuuq.com/srb...b2morphed.html

Feel free to use the exe for your own projects.
Don't bother asking questions if you want to know more details about how some of the actions work.
If you encouter bugs while using them, please, tell me! ^^'


Edit / Update:

Version features new hardcoded character abilities:
Telekinesis (#50), Fall Switch (#51), Jump Boost (#52), Air Drill (#53)


  • SRB2Morphed [5-1].rar
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  • SRB2Morphed [6-2].zip
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dark dragon

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Wait does this work on the old or new verson? I'm asking cause I'm not going to download tonight due to too much going on but maybe on the morning but I want to know before I go ''ok it won't work on this...why???'' and feel like a moron.


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Wait does this work on the old or new verson? I'm asking cause I'm not going to download tonight due to too much going on but maybe on the morning but I want to know before I go ''ok it won't work on this...why???'' and feel like a moron.
EVERYTHING in the releases section is for the new version.


@Gemini Spark:
Exe mods work the same way as the regular "srb2win.exe". You just need to extract the file into your srb2 main folder and then execute it. However, since this mod does not change the existing code BUT adds new stuff to the game you'll need to add the test soc file to the game after you executed srb2morphed.exe or else you'll see no differences.

Uhm... thanks but if you are refering to the soccing tutorial you chose the wrong thread to answer to. ^^'

@dark dragon:
The current status is the one of SRB2's 2.0.4 version.
This is why I labeled the version of the addon settings instead of 0.2. I'll change the topic title to remove ambiguity.



Custom values have been implemented.

If anyone of you knows a little bit about WC3 mapping you might also know the concept of custom values. Each object has its own custom variable that has no use by default. It can be manipulated in many ways and it has its own "A_Check..." function. One object is also able to change the custom value of another one, too.
There are multiple possibilities to use it. You could, for example, raise it step by step with each frame cycle run and perform a special action each 5 runs. This way you can reduce your ammount of used freestates.

I hope I got all buggs fixxed. If you encounter one let me know! ^^'

New action names:
A_CheckCustomValue, A_CheckCusValMemo, A_SetCustomValue, A_UseCusValMemo, A_RelayCustomValue

Take a look at the documentation page (first post) to find out more.

Edit: I encountered a minor bugg... I forgot two if-blocks so now everytime you manipulate the custom value it will be displayed, even if devmode is turned off. I'll fixx it later. Everything still works fine. It's just a little annoying. ^^'

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Sergeant Brown

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As for the SOC, it's impressive, especially for the boss.

As for the EXE, agreed, it has new, re-usable content when doing new enemies, etc. However, that's all that it has as a difference between 2.0 and this one.
But still, it's those contents that gives you a 5/10.


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A quick glance on the SVN shows me that you didn't modify p_saveg.c to accommodate the new mobj variables (cusval and cvmem). Thus, you've broken $$$.sav, and as such, netplay.



Whoopsy... O__o
That IS a problem! Right now I don't have enough time to fix it, but I'll definitely cover that as fast as I could. Thanks for the advice!

It has to be applied right here... has it?
static void P_NetArchiveThinkers(void)
{. . .}
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too slow...
already applied a bunch of fixes to your MORPH branch
SRB2MORPH: whitespace r3972
SRB2MORPH: killed warnings and error from r3972
SRB2MORPH: indent fixup
SRB2MORPH: write/read cusval and cvmem in netgame state


Wohoo! ^___^


I'll recompile the exe and make an update after I have applied a few other fixes and added a new action... even though this might take some time. (I'm quite bussy at the moment...)
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First of all thanks a lot to Alam and Matt for letting me know when I screw up or even fixing broken pieces of code!

  • Netgames should work now.
  • A_InstaLoop and A_MultiShot have been changed so that they make use of uppercase and lowercase variables.
  • New soc actions have been implemented:
    • A_CheckRandom: Calls a state by chance (1/x)
    • A_CusValAction: Calls a soc action from a reference state applying custom values as var1 or var2

Look at the documentation page for more details.
As usual feel free to ask whatever you want to know or to submit ideas for new soc actions that might come in handy.
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