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So i made some shot in Derpy House there is some days :D

There was:ME,cyber,Blitz-t,and Iceman404,and Derpy.

Iceman404 burns himself.

And finnaly me and derpy.
I have other shots,but i think they are failed,or something.
Hey how'd you get that front view? I've always needed something like that while racing!
Hey how'd you get that front view? I've always needed something like that while racing!

bind (key) cam_rotate 180

Sadly, you gotta make a SECOND key just to make it go back to cam_rotate 0, unless you use aliases to make the bind turn into a cam_rotate 0 key, unlike Mario Kart where you just hold and release to flip back and forth.

Things updated:

Levels wad (4 maps)
Music Wad (Now split in two wads)
List of levels

A pretty small update this time. Black Bliss and Thunder Piston (by ZarroTsu) have been added. Darkvile Castle has also been updated to sims' latest standalone version, though the one present here has been updated further. Maps also have their own lap counts, so SNES tracks go 5 laps, while a few other maps now do 4.


Appearance wise, this pretty much performed almost exactly the way I wanted to in my concept. However, the map itself I ended up running blanks on in terms of ideas. The gimmick concepts I had were either trashed or have left my mind. This is especially apparent in the end, where I used to have all kinds of ideas, but they simply wern't in my head anymore. I had thwomp-like objects there, but Sims added that to Darkvile Castle, and I didn't want to steal a gimmick away from him. Perhaps I'll add something there later.

Though, its not so much the lack of gimmicks as it is the lack of difficulty for an Eagle Cup course. Its very straightforward and with little hazards or tight turns. I know this is the first map in the cup in terms of order, but its still far too easy. Aside form that, I actually like the course for its visual design and I actually like its simplicity. Its just that it's far too simple and easy for the Eagle cup, I'm afraid.

As for the other maps added this update... Well, I didn't make them, so they need to do their own commentary if they want to <_<
That is really going to be a hassle for multiplayer, as music wads aren't auto added.

Well, you can always add the music files before joining a Mario Kart server with D00D Kart added, as the music files don't actually affect whether you can join netgames or not. =P
That is really going to be a hassle for multiplayer, as music wads aren't auto added.

Ah, right, my script in the levels text fire is rendered obsolete now. Don't fret for long, as the problem has been fixed for the next version. Since every map runs a script on entry, each map will load an alias called "LOADUP" to load the levels text as well as both music wads with little effort. I'd make it do this automatically, but that could cause long delays for anyone without the music wads or txt file, as SRB2 searches every folder for the wads, and if you're like me and have tons of folders...
There's a bug in this wad, as Peach's castle doesn't have its music playing.

Edit: It might be because I didn't set up the game correctly. But now that I have, the music for the Retro Maze isn't working.
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After seeing that you now made 2 SEPARATE MUSIC WADS, I just use a .txt file.
'exec d00dkart.txt', which easily and quickly loads both files while making me a lavender Jet. :P
I prefer to use a .bat file to "start srb2riders.exe -file k_dkart64_v2_1.wad k_dk64m1.wad k_dk64m2.wad", mainly because I play as a Blue Sonic normally.
Version 2.1.1 is up!

D00DKart64 Levels changes:

-Bug fixes and adjustments to maps
-Darkvile Castle thwomps are no longer REDWALL powered
-Thunder Piston now has side springs on a greater area of the rows of springs, laps are fixed to 3
-typing LOADUP in the console load the levels text file and both music wads
-Music issues are fixed
-Possibly other things (I really gotta write down changes)

Normally, I add at least one map in my updates, but seeing as I'm at a loss of what to do next and that issues REALLY needed fixing, I'd figure I'd give a minor update already. So that's why its 2.1.1, you only need to DL the levels wad. DK64L.txt was also updated, but I don't think I did anything to it aside from remove TUNEUP due to LOADUP basically replacing its job.
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But im gonna ask a thing:Can we and if yes,how do we put Derpy (or the clonies lol)in customs levels?

Have fun. 2803 for Derpy, 1337 for the clonies. These clonies are simple scenery; the interactivity was added by D00D. (Quite honestly, I'm hoping he sets up an alternate with the original behavior before I finish my level and give it to him.)

Free to use wherever, just give credit to myself, Blade and KOTE for sprite work (they don't seem to mind that I've borrowed their sprites), and D00D for the Derpy object.

On second thought, maybe I should send this into Releases...

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