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Block Fort v1.1
By Kitoko/Hinote

This wad took some time, but it's ready. This a recreation and redesigning of block fort, as seen in Mario Kart DS, featuring four different coloured blocks with custom textures to help give the level a unique feel and style. It has multiple spawns, places to help prevent people from running into each other's fire trails at the start. This wad is actually a taste of things to come, and I decided I release my first to get some criticism as well. I've worked on this about a month, with lots of support from Azure Island Productions, and especially Hinote! I wish you happy shell throwing and lots of luck on a Mario Kart Classic reborn!

NOTE: Flat rotation and alignment only shows in Software!

You may share this wad with your friends if you like, or host it somewhere, but please do not change the wad without asking first, and if I like your changes, I'll update this wad with you in the credit! Azure Island Productions has the right to incorporate this map into their levelpack, and if I feel it okay to put it in another levelpack, I will let you know personally. However, if you want to use some of the textures and flats included, please make sure to give credit!

Credit goes to the people who helped with this map:

  • Kitoko - Author
  • Hinote - The awesome music looper, and lots and lots of support and criticism! :D
  • Azure Island Productions - Suggestions. You helped too, feel free to give a shout!
  • ChaosZero64 - Helping fix a sigsev, as well as comments, and telling how to use linedef special 7. I also made an example on how this linedef works, for the community.
A special thanks goes to Hinote, for her dedication, her everlasting support, as well as keep going on the project. Thank you Hinote!

Block Fort, one of the longest living battle maps in the Mario Kart Series, debuting in Mario Kart 64. Legendary for it's simple yet effective design, has been brought to life by many. It's been transformed many times, and in Mario Kart Wii, it goes by the name Block Plaza. Block themed levels are a staple in Mario Kart's Battle mode.
They're big screen shots, so I spoilered them:




Or, if you want to view them individually:

v1.1 - Since not many noted problems with the wad, I decided to throw in the shadows that it lacked. Thank you Iceman404!
Well that is all I got to say really, I hope you have fun!


  • mk_blockfort-v1.1.rar
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WR 102
Well, shit. Seems like I've been blown out of the water with this one.

That is.. Comparing it to what I have made during 1.09.4. Practically the same, probably smaller and using textures that came strictly from the main srb2.srb file itself.
Image for reference ( http://img387.imageshack.us/img387/4688/blockfort3sm.png ):

While you're at it, you might as well attempt and re-create other maps that I have done.

Still, a nice valiant effort. Keep up the good work.
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Sonic Team Junior
Wait a second, a month? I thought it was just yesterday you started this. Time flies by too quickly.

At least this is a whole lot better than the first production. Keep it up :3

All we need is an actual working Match Mode in Srb2riders Mario Kart mode.


I'm surprised too! And thank you Hinote :3 I really couldn't have done this without your care and support, and yes, I will keep going! :D

I agree, there needs to be a Mario Kart match mode.
There's one planned actually. :)


KartKrew Dev
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Kart Krew™️
Judging from the pics, it needs shadows. Badly.
Otherwise though it looks fantastic!


This has turned out very amazing. I like the use of textures. Its a perfect level.

I'm certain there are more perfect levels than this. :P Just look around. Thanks for the comment though!

When there is a match mode, we get to see how well it really plays.

I know, I wanted to set the table for Chaos Zero 64 as well! :P

Judging from the pics, it needs shadows. Badly.
Otherwise though it looks fantastic!

Thanks! I'll put some shadows into it as well when I update it :P


Huh? How did you get that error? That's not very descriptive.. but..

I checked the wad before submitting it, and it had no texture errors for me. It's for SRB2Riders anyway, so try adding this wad to that mod. And also, since the SRB2Riders mod uses TEXTURE2, along with every other levelpack for it, you should move to a normal level and then add this wad. Try this first, fawfulfan. :P
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