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SRB2 Riders is finally ready for a release. Well, at least a beta release. Why a beta? Because it's Sonic's 20th Anniversary, that's why!

Single Player is clearly unfinished. Without testing, I'm sure NextLevel works the same as in Multiplayer, so no Credits or Unlockables. No 3D models either. And I'm sure there's quite a few broken stuff.

Also, NO BOTS. They were in the old version, and were disabled in this beta. Anyone else asking for bots will get a facepalm.

Check the SRB2 Riders Wiki Entry for Features, Items, Characters, and more.

Music File
Doom Builder cfg


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I am pretty much doing the same thing as your avatar of Inuyasha is doing, literally. I cannot believe it is already out!
Most defenitely playing it when I get a chance.


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3 words.


Anyways, I'll try this later, as it is 1:16 am where I live right now.

Prime 2.0

You're going to have to put together that co-authors list, you know...

That said, holy shit there are a lot of levels in this. I can't wait for netgames to start popping up; you could spend an entire day playing and only go through the full rotation once, if that.


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Where's the launcher? I want the launcher :(

EDIT: Also, when I use the mirror, the download always stops after about 12MB. For others, it doesn't load at all.

EDIT2: Bugs:

  • The speed rail in Night Chase is broken and stops the player midway through with no escape.
  • Points aren't saved in the save file, it seems. If I start a game at the last map I was playing, I start out with 0 points instead of the number of points I actually had at that point.
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犬夜叉;709965 said:
Needs a source link.

C'mon CZ, you should know better!
Source code? I got it right here:

I just need to log in IRC to get my SVN account activated again.

EDIT: Music files uploaded to MegaUpload. I guess I forgot about that last night.

I'll also add the Co-Authors, but I'm not using my computer right now. I will, later.

And I'm planning on making a launcher! It's just hard when you have a deadline and end up releasing it with bugs still present. And yeah, binhoster stinks. There's times when my website won't even load at all, even though the main site is still up and running.

And the Babylon stages will be completely remade, so I didn't really bother to look for bugs there. If I need to release a bugfix exe, I'll make sure the speed rail is fixed. And Save Files will be fixed once I have a decent amount of good maps.
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Just add that to the first post.

Music files uploaded to MegaUpload. I guess I forgot about that last night.
Doesn't that also fit into the attachment system?

And I'm planning on making a launcher! It's just hard when you have a deadline and end up releasing it with bugs still present.
Well, I know for a fact that there was a launcher in the old release and that it still works for 2.0 except for MS stuff.

Oh, and I was wondering if Air Slide and Mario Kart Drift are just not coded yet or if I'm doing something wrong.

EDIT: I almost forgot: The download on your website is broken. It's http://srb2riders.binhoster.com/file/srb2riders2465.zip when the file is actually located at http://srb2riders.binhoster.com/files/srb2riders2465.zip



(I've never played the 1.09.4 one before, so I can't say I'm super duper excited right now. :P)

Gonna try this out for myself.


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I did, and it was one of my all-time favorite mods. I'm really, really psyched about playing this.

Oh, and the source code link doesn't work. The download stops a fraction of the way through. And how do I permanently set my name? I can't get it to stop calling me by my system username.

EDIT: Couple more questions regarding gameplay:

1. How the hell do I prevent getting slammed against the side of the track when I take a sharp turn at high speeds?
2. It's been a while...what am I supposed to do when I'm twirling through the air? I always get a "C" on landing, and I have no idea how to do any better.
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I tried it.

I tried the mod...........................
You can guess how it turned out.
holy cow awesome teh greatest mod evar this is the shit i wanna be the srb2riders all your srb2riders awesomness are belong to us forever alone no bots what the whatever fuck yeah finally a beta or something


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I'm about to dance a happy dance right now.

I wasn't ever around to play the 1.09.4 version, but I have played the original Sonic Riders, and I loved it. The other day someone on IRC showed me the SRB2Riders homepage, and I literally gasped on almost every new bit of information.

The only bad thing is, I won't be able to try this out online, or even at all, until I get home from my vacation. I am just dying to, though.

*dances a happy dance*
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