srb2 frontier <<canceled>>

srb2 frontier <<canceled>> 1.0.6

The game tends to lag, on both Software and OpenGL.

Edit: Actually, the lag only happens based on how many addons you add; if you play only with this addon, there will be no lag.
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Can't get this emblem on Cyberspace 1-8.

cyberspace 1-8.png
Many of these levels just feel like reskinned Aerial Gardens, could use some more organic terrain that's not just squares and rectangles and a little more gameplay variety.
malom updated srb2 frontier <<canceled>> with a new update entry:


just to inform that the mod has been cancelled. Unlike the beginning of development, I have a very specific vision of what I want to do and it's not really what sonic frontiers is supposed to be. the next version of the mods will not have a large hub system around twenty levels at the release (there will be no demo in the meantime so there will be no news for several months)
Also someone could teach me lua it would be cool

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Why not convert your existing zones over to UDMF and give its vastly enhanced way of level building a shot. So far, it has been enough to encourage some players to get into mapping and others who stopped mapping in the past to come back (according to the increasingly busy mapping channels on Discord).

The first iteration of Khronos Island for instance, would likely become far easier to make changes to, simply because of native sloping and multi-tagging. 2.2.11 also allows you to use the entire grid now because of fixes related to BSP building.

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