SRB2 - Extra Resolutions - [16:9ish]


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As you many know srb2 has a few resolutions to offer which is great! But I and some others like our resolutions Widescreen [16:9/16:10].

So I made a Custom exe that does work with Netplay that makes all the resolutions 16:9/16:10

Do bear in mind you will get some stretching in non-green resolutions in OpenGL.

Since this exe has such a small change I only changed 1 file the code which can be found in the RAR file attached below if you want to build it your self. It works for 2.1.20 source code which can be found Here


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Just a small note, but if you set one of the custom resolutions as your default, srb2win may start in windows mode next time you open it. You can resolve this by changing the resolution there as normal, and setting a new default.


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Not really since i didnt know people used this. But since its literally one little change i guess it wouldnt be hard to port lol

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