SRB2 Demo 1 (SAGE 2000 Prototype)

I use it and sincerely i dont know why SLADE doesnt have a search bar.
Check the bottom of the screen and press the hopper icon???
OK, so here's the deal...

I do not have the 'pre-bridge' GFZ1 anymore. I do have a version that goes as far back as January 19, 2001, however. This is probably very close to Demo 2's final version.

The oldest-existing version of GFZ1 is the one that ships with Xmas v0.93 as a secret level.

I have a 'Wood Zone' level wad. Yes, it will play the music we discussed earlier.

I have a Hidden Palace Zone wad from July 2, 1999. This may have been seen before.

I have the 'original three' Deathmatch wads that Sonikku made back in July, 1999. One of these levels is the one that the White Gloves Diaries refers to me shooting Sonikku in the butt. :D :D :D

I have three 'multiplayer' (presumably CTF) wads that Sonikku made in January 1999. One or two of these should look familiar.

I have a very old THZ3 from December 2000. This is before Demo 2 was even available.

I have the original DSZ1 wad that was used in the SAGE video clip. It is from August 3, 2000.

I have like 18 or so Special Stages. One of them is dated back in 2000, others from August 2001.

I have a couple 'Diving Mode' wads. Not sure anybody is around to remember that.

I've got lots of old stuff strewn everywhere. It would be interesting to organize all of it, and see how restorable some of it is. I'd imagine we'd need to run lvlconv on everything and then say a few prayers 2.x will boot it up.
holy shit its our lord and savor

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