SRB2 Demo 1 (SAGE 2000 Prototype)


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Wonder what the purpose of Tetsuo Island was. Just to see how far they could push it before the graphics would start glitching?


I have a SAGE 2000 SRB2 Demo, nut im not sure if the devs are okay with it if I share it.

Wait, you have the SAGE 2000? o_0 I honestly would think that the devs would absolutely like to see that Demo, Can you share a link or something soo they can make sure that it's actually SAGE 2000 Demo? (ok, tbh i just want to see how it looks like)
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Yay! Well, I get this SAGE situation is done, right?

I'm not sure about that. As mentioned, the SAGE 2000 you have posted has only GFZ1. Meanwhile, the SAGE 2000 footage shows GFZ1, GFZ2, and DSZ1, the final one being posted here. I get that due to how SRB2 is developed, all 3 of these might not appear in the same .exe, butttt...

The SAGE 2000 trailer build seems to have more similarities to Christmas 0.96 than Demo 1. You can tell based off the running animation.

I cannot access the build posted, but tell me:
Is the running animation in the build posted from X-Treme or is it a later running animation? If it's later, this ain't the SAGE 2000 build, and even then, I would have imagined that SAGE 2000 GFZ1 would have been released as a map, not a build.

Mystic is correct in that there was no 'release package' of this version, it was just the current dev copy in all its strewn-out glory. BUT...
The build in that demo video is likely nearly identical to SRB2 Xmas 0.96's codebase.
As for the level files and stuff... I might actually have those.

The thing to do would be to launch SRB2Xmas and add the appropriate files.
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SAGE's version probably uses the same Greenflower Zone Act 2 as the (Demo 2) release. Not many differences can be seen.

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