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Neon Knight
Name: Soonata G. Foresta
Age: 23

Despite her imposing look and a strong sense of morality, give her a chance and Soonata will talk your ears off. With her family heirlooms, the Forest Bow and the Goggles that act as a second pair of eyes, she's able to nail the heart of any problem, monstrous or otherwise.

Although she fights from a distance, don't get too close. Each arrow is handmade and equally dangerous up close and from afar.


This character contains one of my first decent SOCs. Playing as her might require some skill with the jumps, as her midair action propels her backwards...

Thing Slots Used:

State Slots Used:

Sprite Slots Used:

Why is it this character, who uses a LOT more sprites that Lari, takes only 490 KB while Lari takes 1.45 MB?


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Senku Niola

Drifting Golden Swordsman
As said on IRC, just fix the very minor bug with the arrow hurting the player that spawns it and it's perfectly fine.

Prime 2.0

Sprites look good and you actually made ones for all angles, as opposed to mirroring... nice. Creative use of the thok parameters, and a neat looking(and acting) custom ability to go with it, thus having a very meaningful impact in both match and SP gameplay... excellent. Listing the states, objects and sprites used for said ability? You're after my heart, boy.

I heartily approve of this wad. The only bad things that immediately come to mind is the lack of comments/labels on objects and states in the SOC, and that you attempt to call A_CapeChase in frame 2300, which because it is a spawn state, doesn't do anything. You covered for that by calling it again a tic later though, so it doesn't really matter.

A separate issue brought up by Senku is that the arrow can hurt the player if you somehow come back and run into it; if you're up against a wall and use it just before hitting the ground, or run forward into it, this is possible, though easily avoided. That the arrow can hurt the player is byproduct of the projectile being fired by the thok object rather than the player; thus, the projectile has the thok object as its target. While this could potentially be fixed with A_SetTargetsTarget and a little wrangling with A_SetObjectFlags, this would also mean that the arrows would award points for hits in match, which would likely be an overcompensation for a character that is somewhat underpowered without the projectile. Simply being able to attack without rings is an extremely powerful ability to have, we don't need to go overboard with that. :P
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Chaos Knux

Daww, a mother and her foal
Still going at it with your Blender-screengrab art style, I see. Gotta say, it makes the shading incredible at the cost of not looking SRB2-y. But hey, it actually fits in with the 3D environment a lot better than SRB2-style does.

As was said before, your arrows pose a serious conundrum: They can hurt the shooter, and fixing this would result in free attacks thus making the character overpowered in Match/CTF.


Like I said with your Yattana wad, this looks awesome. The ability is pretty interesting, but it doesn't seem too useful for destroying crawlers and other enemies. (The bosses being an exception.) Overall I like you Yattana WAD better but this is still a unique WAD unlike any I've seen before.


Jeck Jims

Oh, THAT guy...
Sonic Team Junior
Kart Krew™️
I like this WAD, but I the running frames need to be RUNNING frames. They look like the walking ones but just faster. (Mostly the Legs) Make Her(?) bend over a bit when she(?) runs.

Chaotic Chao

horns Horns HORNS
I like this WAD, but I the running frames need to be RUNNING frames. They look like the walking ones but just faster. (Mostly the Legs) Make Her(?) bend over a bit when she(?) runs.
SpaceKGreen clearly said it was a girl.
Looks like a boy, kind of...
In the first screenshot, though, I seriously doubt any male character would make a face like that. =P
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