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Soniku11 Hangout Map Pack - Hangout maps i made myself alone

Here are my hangout maps for you to play and goof around with your friends in several ways you can think! Theres a map thats a playground in some sort, another where you can visit some player's houses (mine too as well), and some other are just regular hangout!.

To have your own bedroom/house on my map Social Valley you need to be active on my ingame server, whenever i host. I dont do houses to people i just knew.
(Unless i actually had a good and long friendship with you beforehand).

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NPC Resprite + adjustements

Adjustements to Character Test Zone, and Social Valley have been done.

Character Test Zone: the whole map has been relocated inside the whole circuit, because the circiut itself have been widened a bit to give more room to turn around at ludicrous speeds, approaching the huge space inside it.

Social Valley: The city has been readjusted removing some buildings, making others shorter, and other fixes in order to make navigation less confusing, and easier to know how to come back to the...

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