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Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress


THIS LOOKS AWESOME!! Can't wait to see it when it releases!!!

:threat: <--- get it? x sonic? (im bad at making jokes when it comes to funny blue hedgehog man)


yes BTS aint real music so get rekt lol
well it could have been better if it had mutiple forms for example
collecting 50: super sonic
collecting 100: dark sonic


In my opinion I think the super sonic sprite needs a bit of tweaks on the head, something about it just seems off.
What specifically?
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This was the reference.
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I think that the curved line to the right of his mouth-muzzle-thing is what's throwing the sprite off- that it's more defined when compared to regular and Dark Super, specifically.
Thanks for pointing that out. There are things I want to touch up with Super Sonic anyways.


He could have a rage meter to where you have to fill it up by getting hit enough boss give 2x more rage than normal enemies and won't drain rings but will drain the meter down until its all gone.It could last about 10 seconds or 20 since in the show it wasn't shown for that long anyway.

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