Slime v1.3


Y'know, I'm kinda surprised he doesn't turn into a hoop when hanging onto something.
Hey, maybe give him the ability to "switch" things to morph into using the weaponnext/weaponprev buttons? Like, along with there being a simple spike ball, he could morph into a boat to travel across water with more control or a fish net to catch enemies or other players to slow them down until they manage to shake 'em off? I can't exactly come up with much more things for the slime to morph into at the moment, but I'll be glad to see anyone else come up with their own ideas.
JonBaxter updated Slime with a new update entry:

v1.3 - I accidentally the FPS

Turns out I left in a pretty serious bug all the way back in february that would absolutely destroy your FPS in a select few stages, haha. Please don't kill me, I added some small stuff as compensation!

  • You can now use shields by pressing jump in the air! Please keep in mind you can use either the shield's ability OR your spike bounce, not both simultaneously.
  • Added kirby support! The slime should now give kirby the ball ability.

  • ...

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What a cute thing, here's super slime because I did that for reason. (This was made by mod support.)


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