Sketch-Hog - V2.0 - Remastered Update!

Sketch-Hog - V2.0 - Remastered Update! V2.0

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Sketch-Hog (from sonic mania announcement trailer) - :/

Okay... I am done with this project!
Say hello to the sketch-hog from the sonic mania announcement trailer!
I originally worked on this in 2020 but got rejected, blah blah blah and stuff like that but hey! I fixed it!
His peelout is by MotdSpork and Drop dash by CobaltBW!
Big thanks to D00D64 for making him recolorable (thx so much) and other fixes!
So on to the screenshots!

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oh yeah,! this is happening!
Hey bro, I highly recommend learn lua and not uses much reusables,because my badsonic are fully reusables and i make the v2 with is OWN ABILITYS and yes, cool mod!
I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE! (*insert sa2 eggman laugh here*) Sketch-Fox is going to be part of this too! V3.0 is going to be a really big update! Coming soon. Maybe October? Idk.

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