Simsmagic Stupid Level Pack (V.1.2 Darkvile Castle 1 Released)

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i would rather not
Welcome to Simsmagic Stupid Level Pack. Here I fix up some of my old OLDC levels (and maybe release some scraps in the future) and address some of the criticism presented in them.

Current Maps and Change logs
Mushroom Hill Zone Nov/Dec 10 (Circuit)
-Fourth checkpoint added.
-Third checkpoint moved back.
Aqua Palace Zone July/Aug 10 (Circuit)
-Air bubbles added throughout.
-Checkpoint added before the set of stairs under water.
-Rock wall added to prevent people from thinking to jump over the rail and into the pit in the same area.
-Stairs leading into and out of the temple are now ramp sectors.
Darkvile Castle Zone Mar/April 09 (SP [No Coop])
-Numerous buttons removed and doors are now automatically opened.
-Various aesthetic changes.
-Path to boss room blocked permanently
-Enemy room at the end is now optional.


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i would rather not
Version 1.1 Released
-Name Changed to Simsmagic's Renovation Pack
-Aqua Palace from July/Aug 10 released. Full changelog can be found in the first post.


i would rather not
Version 1.2 Released
-Darkvile Castle Zone Act 1 from Mar/April 2009 (1.09.4) contest released.

nightmare cenz

Here are my random comments...

First of all, Dont you think you could make another part between the last checkpoint and the finish line in MHZ?, at least something that can make that part longer. (not just a single mushroom)

Second, I think you could add some details to APZ, it doesn't have a bad route but without details it looks empty. Perhaps you can use different textures here and there

Third, DCZ. You really need to use different textures here... at least to avoid something that would look grey no matter where you go.
Im sure, pretty sure, you can make this stage longer and that you can add different paths and/or routes

As I said above, add details.. AT LOT OF THEM, Single player maps usually are detailed.

Although these maps are good, they still have some flaws, flaws that can be fixed with some work and enthusiasm. (Lol xD)

And thats all, Just keep the good work there =P.
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