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It's quite good. I know that you might like it so I feel the same as you. But really , in the srb2 there is a slight problem, you can not seethe faces. But it really doesn't matter on srb2 but for the wads yes.


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But really , in the srb2 there is a slight problem, you can not seethe faces.


So yeah, it's more for multiplayer purposes and analog than anything else.


My brother was going through Senku's sprites one day and found these swords. What are the swords for?

They are left overs from 1.09, I didn't want to scrap them so I left them in in case I ever had use for them again.

Another minor update, see first post.

Well, a few weeks ago I tried to changed the sprites of the red rings to the swords, but after I threw it, it would last until it got to a certain frame, a few tics after I threw it, and say,"Invalid sprite removed", or something like that.

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Another consistency update. Still wanna know how these keep getting changed without me changing anything.


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Is it just me, or has the already-low flexibility in Character WAD designing decreased even further in SRB2 2.0?

That said, great WAD. Nice to play as Senku again.

This might be a stupid question, but who the crap is Senku?
Hey! I have the mac version of 2.0.1 and (I know this is the wrong thread, but) how do you rotate the camera for the screenshots? BTY, I love the super form for Senku. Keep up the good work!


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Think you can force Senku to rotate 180 degrease when he jumps off a wall or something? (if that's possible with SOCs)


i like it i feel like Mario doing the wall jumps it can get me to some places also are you going to make a new sinkoo wad?

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Sinkoo... is hard to explain, one his ability and stats are junk, two his sprites are junk too. Not sure what to say about Sinkoo right now.


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Senku, why can't you just remake part (or all) of Sinkoo? Maybe new ability with new sprites?


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Why doesn't Senku rotate 180 degrees when he walljumps, though? I think that would be a pretty cool feature, plus it saves trying to rotate 180 degrees when there's frame lag meaning you cannot do it on time because framerate problems mess up turning big time. >.>

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The 180 thing isn't needed because that's not fully how walljump is supposed to be used, it's made for corners mainly.


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I'm just wondering at the moment. When Senku uses his walljump in 2D mode, would pressing the opposite direction in mid-air change his direction or would it just make him go backwards?
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