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Sebas, The Human. ( My oc and very first mod! )


Ah... The art of Modding... What a beautiful way from make some very creative things with friends, fellas or yourself... That sounded sad, anyways, i just wanted to say what this is my very first mod onto the community, and i'm making this ALL way alone! So when i upload it, i can see the reaction of the community, and if the mod is successfully enough, im going to try to work with some LUAs... Better i get prepared for the worst, cuz i don't have ANY idea of how to work with that kind of System... Whatever, i want to say Thanks to @amperbee who basically taught me that not EVERYTHING it needs to be perfect in a row. Anyways, this page is going to update if i can to show you some pics from the character, gracias por llegar hasta aqui, toma una galleta => 🍪.

Anyways, bye.

(Yes, i talk spanish.)

¡Feliz jueves santo, amigos mios! Here's Gomero, the little project is going good, i mean, there's already a little sprites made it, so i considered this like an GREAT Advance on the mod, and well yes is it, if you wanna see how is going, you can see the gif, really easy.

Goodbye, and Happy Blissed Thrusday!

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