[scr] How The Eggman Stole Christmas - 2013

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On a quiet Christmas Eve night, Eggman was in his base. Overlooking all the happy members of the SRB2 Message Board, with all the cheer and joyfulness of Christmas day that was to follow the night.

"Blast it!" He shouted. "All these happy forum uses are still happy even though 2.1 is still not out yet, how can this be!"

He glanced over the forums when a thread caught his eye. "Official Holiday 2013 Haul Thread" Eggman pondered, glancing through the post he soon saw what he must do.

"That's it, I shall go down to their houses and steal all their gifts!" A evil laugh echoed as his planed formed in his head. "I shall dress up as this Santa and bring my best robots and steal all their gifts! There is nothing that can stop me! HA HA HA! Or should I say, Ho ho ho!"


What one of you brave and noble SRB2 Message Board users has it in you to SAVE CHRISTMAS? Go, and fight Eggman and his badnik army and save the presents of everyone!


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No, this is not going in until you actually release a .wad and not a .wad.bak. =P

Sounds like someone might have slipped with putting the file in the rar!
Our story begins on a normal Christmas night, Eggman watched the users post on the forums as he stared gloomily into the monitors light.

“These users, sharing they joy with wads and talking about their presents. Maybe I should ruin their fun? But with what badnik? A reindeer, a turkey or maybe a pheasant?”

With a flash of simple inspiration, Eggman jumped into his Eggmobile. “Why make this complicated? When I can just don santa suit and complete a goal most ignoble.”

Flying off in a rush to steal all the presents, he looked down and saw behind him the blue pest Sonic. With a sour look, realising his fun was already over, Eggman grumbled “For this night… I’m going to need some gin and tonic…”

But yes, this wad was simply eggsellent.
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