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Score Survival!


Hello! This thread is for posting about one of my upcoming SRB2 (and the one that was announced today in the direct) SCORE SURVIVAL!
This mod is a combination of Score Attack and Time Attack.

The idea for this mod was make something exciting to do after completing the game, as when you finish the game in multiplayer you start back at the beginning... and there's not much else to do than grab another pack so then it hit me... what if we loop the game?...
Another factor was that everyone cares about Time attack, and the optimal routes for Score attack are kinda boring... so I've thought, what if we combine the both? Make the player try to collect as much score in the less time possible, so love and behold! Score Survival.

🗒️How it works🗒️
-Lives do not exist, the counter shows Lives pending to be added, instead, dying detracts from your score
-When you start the game, you start with a set amount of Score
-Each time the map Is loaded (by completing the level, resetting or dying) the time and the character gets faster.
ℹ️ Tips ℹ️
Special Stages are almost crucial (and quite OP) to beat the game (tho you can still do them without) since they give massive amounts of score

:dramahog: Known Issues:dramahog:
- Game Over theme plays whenever you die for a brief perioed
- Time Ticking SFX glitches when there's 10 seconds left, thankfully it doesn't pierce anyone's ears... I hope
- Time Ticking needs to be adjusted
- The HUD ONLY displays correctly at 1080p, and overlaps certain custom huds
Not that it is unplayable but you'll notice that some stuff is off during play.

❔ Why Not Releases❔
Id like my mod to be atleast solid before going to releases, in the same way Id like to have a minimum of playability before posting in Wips
Here you'll be able to see and play the representation of the idea, or the idea itself, but without being completly solid. If its playable, its on Wips
If its finished & somewhat polished, it goes into releases.

Changes since the posting of the trailer:
Time Remaining Hud:
Time remaining now is shown in seconds, to have a better perspective on how much time is left.

Time Ticking SFX:
ALL NEW! PANIC INDUCING TIMER! now you dont have to even look at the score or clock, at expense of a minor heart attack whenever you hear it ticking!
(Currently it starts at 2 min (120 sec.)
Hotfix: Character's no longer have a Broken actionspd and Work as intended

And Finally, this is a beta, additions to the idea will be posted here and I would like to receive feedback and opinions about this

And for starting the round.
Should It go in a more Classic route to test your mad Skills in Vanilla SRB2 against the mode? or should be something more experimental?

Who's Spiker?.... That's a theme for another thread~


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I might Change the Timer jingle/SFX. and use a custom one, but Im not sure if, since the original idea was to use SFX from the game to not alienate it.

I'll probably make a MILESTONE mode where you get extra time by reaching Score milestones, milestones will start very, very small and will be really close together, but as time goes on, they will be further and further appart, Time per Score will be slightly lower as more milestones are reached, for example if the first milestone was 100 and gave you 5 seconds, the tenth would be 1024 and would give you 30 seconds.
This is just for example sake, numbers will be further refined by the time I post another demo.

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