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I haven't played Sonic Lost World, but judging from the let's plays I've watched, it doesn't really seem like a Sonic game. Sonic is pretty slow and there's a running button (if I remember correctly). I don't think it's possible to compare the modern era games with the Adventure games (the same way I think the classic games can't be compared with the Adventure games). These 3 eras are too different to have correlations in my opinion, there are good and bad points in each of them (and I find all of them good).
Sonic has three player controlled speeds in Lost World. He can walk, you hold a button to run, and then the spindash acts as the fastest speed, allowing you to keep the speed up if you hold the button down after launching it. With this in mind, Sonic can actually go very fast in Lost World, though if you do this recklessly without knowing what you are doing it's likely to get you killed a lot.

There are definitely some differences between Lost World and the Adventure games, but it's still the closest thing to those games we have gotten since 06.

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