Robotniik (from the early srbii intro)

Robotniik (from the early srbii intro) 1


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Robotniik (from the early srbii intro) - It Begins

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its robotnik! from the early srbii intro! this has been laying on my computer for a bit so i decided to upload it

It Starts

ability: power jump
- press jump in mid air to perform a double jump... u can also do this a second time
- pressing jump a third time makes you dive into the ground, damaging all enemies near you

oh and you can fall on enemies and kill them

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also it has insanely high quality animations [citation...

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dude robotniik kinda sus


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Ricardo, should you really be plugging stuff you don't have permission to do?

little guy*

Oopsie, the inactive dude
wrong, Tree Sonic (SRBii) existed, but the creator didn't liked the mod anymore so just deleted it.
In detail:

He felt like he didn't put enough work and effort into the mod, and was also tired of his thread being hijacked. Apparently the whole "PineTree/Tree Sonic" thing was really annoying for him to constantly hear

I don't think he wanted to keep dealing with the comments, and felt like he could do better. Although the whole "SSN Removed it" is actually the opposite, SSN found it great (He left a comment on the old thread).

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