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Hold Custom 3 to move backward in time for up to 10 seconds.
  • Your position, velocity, jump ability, and the air in your lungs are all restored, and you can even use the ability while being hurt or exiting the level.
  • You can be hurt, but not killed, while rewinding. You can't rewind after dying 'cause that would mean backing the fuck up AFTER getting smacked the fuck up for technical reasons.
  • Only you will move backward; enemies and timers will be unaffected, and your rings and shields will stay as they are.
Type rewind 0 to disable the ability. rewind 1 and rewind 2 re-enable the ability and are nearly identical, but something interesting might happen if you play with rewind 2 for a while...

(Careful -- the preview gif is huge)


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This worked fine, then a few seconds later srb2 crashed. I checked the logs, but nothing shows up.literally just says the lua has been added, the lua was loaded, and no maps were added. That's it. This has been reproduced once.

Besides the crash that follows it, pretty cool lua.


This plus ObjectPlace free movement cause some wierd teleporting lol


This plus ObjectPlace free movement cause some wierd teleporting lol

The ingame timer doesn't continue while Objectplace is on, so it just registers the positions you were in right before and right after you were in Objectplace. It's working as intended.


Found 2 more bugs:

1.) Using the rewind when completing a level puts you back into action with the goal still being turned, and for bosses you are stuck being unable to finish the level due to the level sorta already being finished.

2.) When using rewind after using rope hangs in ACZ the player goes into spin frames and slowly goes towards the position to which the rewind was used, and continues to follow the path of the rope in spin frames for about 3 seconds.


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I cant open .php files....

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"Archive is damaged or broken."

(It was me being an Idiot at the time...)
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It's a .lua file, not a .php. What are you even opening?

There's a bug in some browsers in which attachments with .lua extensions download as .php files instead. Fixing this problem is as simple as changing the extension yourself either during or after the download.


Cheers love! The cover is here! But where did the other move go? Nice lua! Now excuse me I have some tracing to do OwO
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