retro zone

retro zone 2.0

eh, more of a simpsons joke much?
That Actually Is A Good Idea, I Will Actually Try To Write Down Some Notes Then Test The Stage, After That I Publish It.
me at 4 in the morning making a level.gif
How about a Pacman level? Its gonna be in 3D much like Minecraft version of Pacman did,Robot Knights replace ghosts,invicibillity monitors replace power pellets(but there are only 4 of them in the map)and you gotta find a switch to open the gate where is a signpost.The gate is at middle of the map.
Maybe a Sonic Generations map or two?
the classic sonic stages (or any stage in the 3DS version) would make good use of the 2D level feature, and if the 2.5D "camera turns" were included (as I know they're possible, they've been used in at least one ULDC/OLDC!), it would make the level feel even better.

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