Random dude steals a whole bunch of mods and packs them into 4 different pk3s without credit??

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Yeah I heard about him he really does steal stuff from others. So uh if any of you have lua mods be careful with this guy. He may use it

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Alright we can finally get Channel S of our backs and foucs on this guy and my god he is best of all time 100/20 Amazing man. In all seriousness this dude is a idiot

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I think he also claimed the creator was his brother, and that he had permission to use Destructive Illusion.
Even someone said that he stole the mod then : XD he put love icon
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I was a friend with that master guy ! Joining his servers with someone named MAJD ! If anyone know him (I think all LOL)
As luxis land said yes he stole a mod and he acting like he is the original owner !
If you see his channel you can see that he take official mods from the MB than edit it and claims it's by himself ! He edited a once Inezma's shadow to :. Creepy shadow ?????? What the hell ? XP
LUA scripting is really hard but if you have a big past time so learn it ! Or just make a sprites for the mod and work with someone ?
I just advise you to avoid talking with him That's better for all !
Plus this idiot tried to upload a stolen mod on the MB and he got banned ! XD
Guess what ! I wasn't know that he stoles mods so I suggested to him to post his mod in the MB !
After two hours or else I found him banned ! XD XD XD
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Don't forget that the mod creator (master from srb2 guy) says that he created srb2 like if hr really did, although is doubtable since that dude has a damn broken grammar
I could never forget that lol, he claimed to have made SRB2 as if STJR was merely a cover story
How what ???????
He claimed that he made the whole srb 2 !!!!!!!!!!!
What a stupid person !
After a continuing work since 1998 ! An idiot said that he made a WHOLE fan game !
This is really funny guys :-P XD
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Oh yeah i forgot that, he said he made the SRB2 Levels, with Zone builder and slade.
And Zone Builder didn't existed at those moments :earless:


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My gosh, after reading the entirety of this thread I'm just baffled something like this happened. I'm really not gonna condone massive amounts of theft and claims of ownership of stuff they clearly don't own.

There is absoutely no way this "Master" character is 13 at all, let's not assume that too much though.


Can confirm, SASS is a mod that makes skin colors with abilities.
Yes, i found it. (pretty cool mod ngl)

also this one is reusable
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that "Volt" character is another mod but with sonic sprites
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I went to his site and downloaded his mod to see what addons he stealed.

the levels and that "Water" (pffft) character are the only original thing ._.
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This is a banned user who has repeteadly tried to bypass the releases system by submitting content they knew wasn't theirs. They seem to have given up on bothering us, but they're still uselessly trying to make a name out of stolen content for some reason, so hopefully it's just a clueless kid.

Nevertheless, this thread is giving them the notoriety they don't need, with dogpiling as a bonus. Rest assured, no stolen content will ever be allowed on our platforms, so don't fret over it. I'll be closing discussion on them and on that "mod". Please avoid relaying messages from them.
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