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[MOD] Race Plus


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Race Plus:
This mod will add extra features to race, ranging from lives mode to some other extras like race domination and so on

RPLivesMode <1 or 0> Enables or Disables the Lives Mode

RPLivesloss <1 = No Bonus, 2 = Out, 3 = Super Spinout>
No Bonus - The player keeps on playing even with 0 lives
Out - the player is out of the race when they lose all their lives
Superspinout - When a player has no lives, their next hit will make them spinout longer

RPLivesamount <1 - 12> The amount of lives you spawn with

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Alright, after trying at least some of the combinations out, I think this is good and clear. Haven't been able to test it in a big netgame, but I think this can be added to releases!

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