Quiet South Island


I made three new levels with a good skybox and atmospheric. In two levels, there is one emerald token and in Act 3 there will be a battle with Dr. Eggman.
the southern island was quiet and calm until Dr. Eggman arrived and robotic innocent animals. You need to free the animals and defeat Dr. Eggman.
This island has waterfalls, palm trees, rivers, bridges and an underwater cave.
Play with your friends, happy Halloween !!!

Quiet South Island act1




Quiet South Island act2




Quiet South Island act3


Video: https://youtu.be/J5HT5RKdpd8

Codes map

Quiet South Island act1 mapU0
Quiet South Island act2 mapU1
Quiet South Island act1 mapU2


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UwU Hi, im a furry, OwO
Hey! Sup! Good map, pretty well ambiented on an actual common beach/valley map as every sonic game has. I liked it, and the music choise it is really smart, knowing the theme of the map itself. The only fews i found kinda uncomfortable on my personal opinion, are a few things.
1- on Zone 2, when you're going through a water tunnel, sometimes you may get stuck into the wall opposite side where the bumpers are, that if you move while exiting the "channel"

2- on Zone 2, some traps are kinda hard to see on the water part that makes the reference from DSZ 2 like the first Spikes, and the black little spike balls. Unless you're close enough to see them

3- In general, some platforms may be confused with the background and the map itself due it's own textures, or hard to see at the first second you turn around.

Don't worry, no need to do anything, it's just a personal opinion i have of the maps, but despite of that, i liked it.


Pretty chill guy

Cool maps! I think act 1 was definitely the stronger of the two. It started out a little cramped, which made me think "hey, a beginner level, ok!" but it did eventually open up to some wide open memorable areas with good flow and good platforming. There were even some neatly placed secrets, which is always a plus for me.

Act 2 dragged on a little, and it felt more rushed. Act 1 had interweaving paths and got better as it went on. Act 2 seemed more restricted, and didn't feel consistently made. Some rooms were well decorated, with good space to move and a memorable layout. Some rooms were just zigzagged hallways with one texture throughout. This level could definitely be cut down to only the good parts and be vastly improved.

The boss was surprisingly fun. I usually skip bosses, especially when they're not custom. But this arena was setup such that I got a lot of pleasure out of leading my jumps at eggman. It was satisfying to estimate his path and jump ahead of him to hit him. This is usually the case with the egg slimer, but the layout amplified the feeling.

One part that made me very unhappy, though, was the skybox. This is something you learn in art class: The horizon line should be at eye level. In other words, if you go into first-person mode and look straight (not up, not down - straight) at the skybox, your crosshair should be centered along the horizon line. Your skybox horizon is waaaay too high.

Overall, though, I was pleased. You decorated the level with elements that felt appropriate to the island theme. There were some really cool areas and I also liked the way ring placement encouraged you to strafe left and right as you ran across bridges, rather than just running in a straight line. It goes to show that you know that the player should be constantly entertained. Good work, and I hope to play more of your levels in the future!
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