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Purple Guy MOD [probably in development idk]

I finally figured out how to make characters and decide to make my own Afton Demo3
unlike the previous two. Demo3 can actually beat the game due to a movement rework.
but as of now Is the definitive version.
so, give it a try if you can.


  • CL_Afton_v1.pk3
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I did some more retooling with movement and now here is a better version of the previous one.
also, a Sonic clone for a different project because yes.


  • CL_Afton_v1.pk3
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  • CL_SonicEateot-v1.wad
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gotta go fast, William was given a speed increase
(nevermind, the speed increase went against what I was trying to do)
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I can't believe that I came back from the Kancer Krab to see this.
It breaks my heart to see something get abandoned, even when I do it.
the mod is still in development, I just hadn't heard much about the development as of yet.
did some retooling on him, didn't like where he was, so I fixed it :3
edit: scratch that, it's pretty much an overhaul now, any concurrent builds will use this version's movement and naming scheme


  • CL_PurpleGuy_v1.pk3
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