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Purple Guy MOD [probably in development idk]

So it's cancelled for a guy with a hat?
it's not actually, cheeseboi's computer got funky or something, he's the mod's programmer. so, it's in hiatus until he can work on it again.
my involvement is a bit more skin deep as I don't know how to use Slade. I made the sprites and concepted the abilities. but not much after that.
Afton is not canceled. I'm just saying that I want to start another project (with more sprites)
Gonna take this moment to mention I need a good sprite artist
I could make sprites for you. but I do need to know who your character is first.
Also progress on second character:
Afton is an awful companion.
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Leg overhaul
Also, I would like to know what you want to call this character so we can have it on a different wip page.
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Might help knowing their gender.
I don't know anymore.
it first was a going to be an overhaul of bubsy making him a decent character.
then it was a doodle character that would've been weakened by water (would've been released on a google drive due to moderate gore from how paper breaks when wet, and the character being on paper.)
and now it's either a girl or a femboy. (They are wearing leg clothing don't worry)
but I do like the name you picked out.
but I'm open to other options.
for some reason I want make a video on the meta sonic lore. stuff like how sonic was in a different game as a reference before his own.
it will go into how Sonic was made to be cool based off of his actions and not his looks. and until adventure, Sega had three different sonics. the American one (Mobain sonic. or Santigo), the original Japan one (Toie sonic. or Junio) and the one that actually is in the game (Genisis Sonic). Mobian sonic has yet to return since sonic adventure. but his presence is still felt for better or worse *cough* Modern Sonic *cough* it goes into forgotten characters and if they could come back either for leaving an empty space in their absence or if they could be redeemed in a new generation.
so, my level was rejected from submissions, and I wasn't given a reason why.
edit. it got accepted :D
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