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He might mean if it is for XSRB2. This level pack is currently for SRB2 2.0, so it will work for that as well as XSRB2.


I agree Cloud Craddle was fun and challenging espacially for sonic. Sunset Town was a pretty good level for your first one and is one of the best 2D level I've played on SRB2.


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The 1.05 version of the Single Player portion of the pack has been released.

Like it should have...Months ago.

To be honest, not much has changed.

- GFX was updated to the latest GFX wad (XSRB2 Golf Mode stuff)

- Neo Greenflower Zone, a simple little thing. It was made while makng Neo Greenflower Lunatic, so I took it and just gave it new textures.

- An incomplete Neo Greenflower Zone ~ Lunatic. It's missing custom enemies, and some much needed texture changes and variation. Currently, it's only Neo Green Flower, but with no rings, the Jetty Ringer (man does this thing need a new name. Ringer is stupid, Exploder is worse, Bomber is taken...) being placed about, Red Crawlas replacing the Blue ones (Till I make a custom enemy to replace them), and Water becoming Lava (with adjustments to some areas where treading water is necessary, but some secrets are still closed off), and all monitors either being 1ups or Supernatural Border monitors. I originally used the Castle Eggman Zone set due to it basically being a dark GFZ, but I dont really like it, so I will have to vary it up with other textures. The music would have a custom tune,but I don't want to inflate the filesize further.

- Cloud Cradle has more rings. How many in total? ONE THOUSAND. Go find them. That'll keep ya busy till I actually... Do anything noteworthy :P

I was HOPING to release this when I got a new level done for the OLDC, but that was LAST OLDC, and I didn't make a dang thing, so here. I actually forgot about it till earlier today.
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I'm sorry, am I alone in saying that I hate Cloud Cradle?

Cramped platforms. Blue springs, requiring perfect precision to get to the next part. A level built on death pits. And that's just the start; I couldn't get past those shitty blue springs. aaaAAAUUGH

EDIT: Went back in as Knuckles out of curiosity, skipped the INCREDIBLY SHITTY BLUE SPRING PLATFORMS (ISBSP's) and found myself in a cool room filled with lasers and conveyer belts - good job at that part. It led me to some more terrible outside platforming and then led me to a room that involved Jetty Syn bouncing. I gave up. Also, I found a glitch where your camera gets stuck on top of that CRAMPED HALLWAY LEADING TO ISBSP's. This is the fault of you making the room incredibly cramped.

And if you say I'd like to see you try better, I probably couldn't. But I recognise my problems in level making.

I like Neo GFZ for Lunatics, and the SOCced 'Jetty Ringer', however.

Didn't touch the match maps.
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