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Project 2.1 (very unfinished!)


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Hey there. I'm working on something called Project 2.1, a mod that aims to recreate version 2.1 in it's entirety in 2.2, with all of its advantages. I'm gonna be updating this post as I go along with my progress. I really want this to be fully playable at some point. Leave ideas for how I should tackle certain features in the comments.

Shoutouts to SSNTails. He's a great dude.

Only the levels up to ERCZ work, by the way. Also no music. This is basically the worst wad ever, until I fix stuff.

Update 1:
I've fixed all of the 'missing thing' errors. Metal Sonic's race is still broken. Arid Canyon's ropes aren't working. Spikes are buggy. But hey, I've got the music working! Next update I want to include SSNSonic and SSNTails (maybe 2.0 knux?) in it.

Update 1.5: I ain't releasing beta anymore. Don't want the mods to nuke me.

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but... why. you can just play 2.1

2 reasons.

1. 2.2 has many engine improvements over 2.1

2. 2.2 also has better physics (i.e autobrake)

I could just play 2.1, but it's hard to go back. 2.2 has so much more than 2.1 has engine-wise.


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This thing feels kinda pointless bc. of the reason Bianca just posted

And to add ON to the thing that Bianca just posted, there's barely any difference between 2.1 and 2.2 physics-wise, directionchar is just a camera change and autobrake doesn't even change the physics that much.

In fact, Directionchar, Autobrake, and 2.2's shield abilities are already available for 2.1, making this idea even more obsolete


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there might not be much of a point in porting 2.1 over to 2.2 outside of what SRB2 the Past uses the content for, but I don't think that should stop you. Porting the official levels from a previous version to the current version can help you learn how things were don and how to do them yourself as well as how to apply your new knowledge to doing new stuff with it.

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