Post your pics/art here!

I like your pixel art
Thanks! I tried very hard on them,and i also made a 2.5 of the Sonic pic so it has shading on both him and the emerald.

After some time,i also added Mecha Sonic Mk.0 from Master System S2. Added the 2.5 Sonic as well.

All the pixel arts i made are in one new style i made: Pixel Studio Attempt (or PSA). Its a style that i use mainly because im a newbie to Pixel Studio and im trying to improve myself with doing pixel art. Without furder ado,here are the pics:

Sonic Attempt - V2.5.png

For PSA Sonic 2.5, i added the emerald back,now having the same colour and shading as Sonic. Yup,shading has been added,and its quite tricky to do tbh.

PSA-Styled Mecha Sonic Mk. 0.png

Idk how did i messed up with the size,as it decided to be 100x100px and not 32x32px. Shading is here too, though its a little bit bad (also,ignore the pixel above Mecha Sonic, as it was accidental). Yeah,this picture was definetly made worse than the PSA 2.5 Sonic,bit hey,thats what V2 is for ;)
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I try to draw tails, it seems that it went well.


I also modified it to make it an official channel artwork for message board anyway, because why it.


Also both of there tails's look the same and different a the same time.
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Here's a character I created named Doki the Cat as well as twins Beans (black with white outline) and Snaeb (white with black outline):



Edit: I'm not entirely satisfied with how it looks. It's pretty pixelated and Doki's eyes look kinda trash.


I actually tried pilk irl and the pepsi curdled the milk.
I threw up.
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A Redraw Of One Of Cheeseboi V1's Sprites!
I Don't Know Why Cheeseboi v1 Is Always Angry, But I Like It
(And Yes, I Did Make This In MS Paint)
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