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Porting Service for Character Wads

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If you would like your old pre-2.0 character wads ported to 2.0, please post their download links below, and I will convert them to 2.0. I ask for nothing except to keep a copy of the wads I update.
I am currently updating that wad for another person, I can send you a copy of it when I'm done.

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Don't be shy about posting any other wad files, but please don't swamp me with requests; I've had quite a few requests recently. But as my title says, I am a porter.


Too fast for you to see me.
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EDIT: wait, can we even post here?! I can port myself e__e
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I've already tried to port this wad.Sure that it's too powerful, and awful, but yeah......
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And using my awesome psychic powers, I see a lock of this topic in the future.

Really, do we honestly need a topic like this? I'm sure there's been topics like this before that either died off or were locked by moderators.


How about actually getting permission from the original creators and doing proper releases instead of doing underground PM distribution. Editing is not for circumventing releases, and neither is the PM system. If something isn't high enough quality to get into the releases section, it doesn't belong on the forum at ALL.

Prime 2.0

Besides, HMS123311voice already has an official port anyways. It has a randomized quote when you hit the starpost!
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