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Chesse Boi Tell us....are you still receiving requests to draw OC's or not? If the answer is no, tell us, after all that's how people already would have clear information about whether they can still continue requesting drawings
Here's mine
Can you please make mah foxxo boi on your style? Please.


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Okay, lemme try this again. I'd like these four characters drawn in the SRB2 style. The provided artwork was created a long time ago with a preset-part character creator that had no flexibility in regards to overall character build (and was missing some crucial options for how the characters were supposed to look), so I have also attached a .pdf with instructions on modifications to the designs that I'd like to have made. However, I'll also add some notes here.

All four of these characters wear necklaces consisting of teardrop-shaped mystical gemstones attached to small golden chains (well, I say gemstones, but the stones should be smooth, not noticeably gem-cut like the Chaos Emeralds). These are meant to be Sonic characters, so the proportions of the provided designs are mildly inaccurate (they should have somewhat shorter snouts, larger heads, larger hands, and larger eyes). Their tails should be a little bit longer and thicker than what the artwork shows. Their builds are similar to each other (they are sisters, after all), but not identical.

Annie Belnades [Note: Annie should have four Tails-esque bangs in a 2x2 square spread. Her breast size should be somewhat smaller than Rouge, but noticeably larger than Modern Amy. She should also be a little bit chubby, like how Tails is depicted with a slight potbelly in most official art. Her necklace gem's color should be sky-blue. Other than that, the existing art depicts her look decently… her fashion sense is mainly shorts and T-shirts, and her gloves and footwear are intentionally similar to Tails' as a way to show her admiration of him.]
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Sonja Belnades [Note: Sonja is supposed to wear a Roman-style toga... her fashion sense is deliberately antiquated in order to help convey the "seer who can look into the past and future" shtick. I had to go with a sarashi/mummy wrappings/leotard combo here because that's what was available in the character creator. Oh, and she also has a ponytail, but I forgot to include that. Her necklace gem's color should be pale green, and her figure should be rather slender (still has great curves, though).]
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Flora Belnades [Note: Flora's dress should be one-piece rather than having a slit down the middle at the bottom, though the depicted height is mostly accurate (it's not a short skirt like Amy's, but it's not a long dress like Princess Peach's either… I can’t quite decide if it should cut off above or below the knees, though). The shoulders of the dress should be a little less broad than in the artwork. Flora is much shorter than average for her age (so she's significantly shorter than her sisters). Her necklace gem's color should be white (the character creator got that right at least), and her shoe design should be a bit more, I dunno, church-appropriate? 🤷‍♂️]
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Cassandra Belnades [Note: The fashion design is actually pretty spot-on; Cassandra is confident and flirtatious and likes to dress seductively with outfits that accentuate her figure well and show off fairly generous amounts of skin fur, particularly around the midriff area. With that said, she doesn't go as far as to dress like a stripper; her clothes are just stuff like short shorts and low-cut T-shirts. Her necklace gem's color should be lavender or pale purple.]
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EDIT: I updated the sprinting guidelines document.
Art looks very good, but god DANG it, this is so cursed i will never be able to sleep again
can you do an joke oc please?
gromblino the hedgeherg
srb2 2.2 style
(his facial expression is always something silly like his one as shown here and he always is using his cigar)


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might as well roll the dice and see what happens

OVA style, pls


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In the end, did Cheseboi confirm or not that he was going to continue doing this?
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