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Is actually
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needs tumbleweed physics on the corpses. otherwise, great


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You can add the Sonic Dx corpse rotating before he dies. It could be much better and fits for sonic, tails and knuckles.


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GG nicely donw

Nice touch! i like it. I can imagine meadow match littered with corpses.. but thats just my preference :D


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*sees corpse, kicks it into lava* Well, this turned into Genocide City. 3/10 You should use the death animations in a way. :P

EDIT: So, I tried the wad and I'll say this:

It's pointless, to me anyway.

All it does, is block your way, allowing other players to hit/kill you.
At least add a 'corpsephysics' command or something, because otherwise players could build a wall of corpses and fuck up other players' chances completely.

There's a reason why SRB2 didn't do this.

Hope you make this more than just a dead body that does nothing.
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I'm almost sure the corpses look smaller than the actual player. Also, while Sonic's and Knux's look kinda okay despite the fact that Sonic's quills on his head seem to have disapeared and what I said above, Tails almost look like his tails were tore apart or something, and he also looks pretty flat.. Remember kids, 1 km/h fast moving blue tanks are dangerous.

But this aside, I like the general idea of being able to leave dead bodies as mark of your killing spree of being able to cry to your dead friends and all ;(


I chose the most ridiculous names and created a server just to try this, and for maximum effect, sudden death was on. As the bodies piled up, they kept blocking shots, which led to amusing results most of the time. Also, we found out that spectating and entering the game again left a body, too, so I was able to make a skittles rainbow of animals at the base of our corpse tower. also, the moving platform in Meadow Match, when corpses pile up high enough, crushes you. I had no idea it would until it happened.

It was amusing watching everything pile up, although the names can be a real big problem, making it too hard to see. Holding the scores up seemed to be the only saving grace.

Anyway apparently the corpses can jam crushers, which lead to some wonderful results.

We later played Mystic Realm (No screen shots of it) And had a funny encounter when getting to Rainstorm Keep Zone. We tried going the original path (The fast way) and the crusher surrounded by goop got jammed. We tried to get through it but couldn't so a bunch of bodies were left there. So, we unanimously got this idea to take the other path, and I managed to get through deathless.... but my Tails friend wasn't so lucky. He got the gigantic crusher jammed... but was able to spin through it. The bodies impeding the path were funny, because it actually made that crusher section easier for Tails.

Also, there was a Sonic, Shadow, and Tails skin for Skulltag/Zandronum.. and they too died horrifically when killed. Oh, and they were ripped straight from SRB2.


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If I could suggest anything, please make a tombstone to support custom characters as well, I think it would help the dynamic of this mod.
I like this lua. It's really nice though the sprites could look a little better especially Tails' corpse. Maybe make his corpse face down instead? Looking straight from the screenshots something about the tails is very off. I believe someone mentioned it before.

You should use the death animations in a way. :P
I agree with this. Perhaps maybe have the death sprite colored white appear like a ghost coming out of the corpse? Though on second thought that may also look awkward. Cool lua still however.
EDIT: Also meant to ask a question. Do you plan on adding blood in the future? Like, SF94 style blood?
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Jeez, you're adding updates really damn fast! The tombstone looks kind of cheap, but eh, I suppose it works fine.


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I found a bug, if i die there is 2 corpses, since that bug is already made, kinda the bug is corriged.
It happens sometimes, others NEVER, but i dunno why this happened.


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