Player-colored rings in all gametypes! [MCrings.soc]

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Prime 2.0

Right what it says on the tin. Figure out if that guy behind you is free points joiner #2, or that one guy who you need to get away from at all costs! Works with Redrings, Automatic rings, and Grenade Rings. Host without fear, the SOC is a mere 318 bytes in size!

In addition, a followup is planned to alter the other weapon ring, and flame trail sprites so that all player weapons are identifiable by player color.

So what are you waiting for? Download and improve your match and CTF experience today!


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You've pointed out that this is particularly handy with the grenades, but unfortunately, half of the green in those weapons are beyond the range that changes color. The rest functions decently enough and is worth the small filesize. I'm looking forward to the version with the fixed sprites.


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Figure out if that guy behind you is free points joiner #2, or that one guy who you need to get away from at all costs!

The only problem with this statement, Is when the guy you want is the same color as someone else. Or in Ctf when everybody is the same color.


My main concern about this is making Rings indistinguishable from each other, but at least it stops peoples' whining.


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I had this in my GFX thanks to KOTE, but while colored weapon rings were considered, I don't think it'd be such a wise idea, as like Kyasarin said, it'd be harder to distinguish.

Prime 2.0

It's something of a design goal to make the new weapon ring sprites easily distinguishable from each other; this wouldn't be a matter of just recoloring the whole thing green.

Prime 2.0

This idea must've came from ShufflarB2. (1.09.4 EXE Modification)
Good work on porting this.

No, the original MCRings.soc was made before ShufflarB2; really, it was just Flame recognizing that the rings were now green to allow for CTF color changing, and that he could work with it.
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